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With the coming of skins to STW, I wanted to create concepts for some of the crossover skins, as if they were their own unique heroes in STW. It’s a shame that they’ll only be cosmetic, but these concepts are a good way to think about what could have been.

Star Wars Heroes

Rey: Rey would be an outlander, to fit her scavenger origins as well as replicate some force powers through outlander abilities. Her commander skill would be; Path of the Jedi. Path of the Jedi would increase Seismic Smash impact and Shock Tower duration. She would have Seismic Smash, Shock Tower and TEDDY as her special abilities.

Finn: Finn would be a constructor, focusing on using his BASE effectively. With his abilities being ROSIE, Plasma Pulse and DECOY. His perk would be Resistance BASE, dealing energy damage to husks touching or attacking structures, and also giving a small damage boost to ally units on structures affected by BASE.

Stormtrooper/First Order Trooper/Sith Trooper: The stormtrooper would be a soldier of course, and his abilities and perks would be simple, yet effective. His perk is Empire’s Finest. All energy damage is doubled, but ranged energy weapons have -50% weapons stability, and all energy melee weapons have -25% swing speed. His Armor would change with upgrades, going from the classic stormtrooper, to the First Order Trooper, to the Sith Trooper with each upgrade.

Kylo Ren: Kylo would be a Ninja, focusing on melee weapons. His perk would be Power of the Dark Side. Power of the Dark Side would give all melee weapons +5% impact on support and +10% on Command, as well as making all melee weapons hit 3 times per strike, though reducing the damage a little. His abilities would be Crescent Kick, Smoke Bomb and Kunai Storm.

Zorri Bliss: Zorii would be an outlander, as it fits her thieve’s nature, since I don’t know much about her, I really don’t have much idea what her perk or abilities would be. Sorry! Any other characters who I don’t know much about or don’t have any ideas for will be removed from the list from here on.

DC Heroes

Batman: Batman of course, would be a ninja, his ability would be Dark Knight. Dark Knight increases melee damage and shield regeneration while in shadow stance, when in a support slot 25% increase and a 50% increase in command slot. His abilities would be Throwing Stars, Smoke Bomb and Kunai Storm.

Catwoman: Selena Kyle would be an outlander, focusing on looting and staying mobile. Her perk would be Cat Burglar, increasing movement speed and pickaxe swing speed while in “In The Zone”. Her abilities would be Phase Shift, Seismic Smash and TEDDY.

Borderlands Heroes

Psycho Bandit: The Psycho would be a soldier unit, focusing on high damage output with his ability, Mayhem. Mayhem increases weapon damage the lower his HP, and increases critical chance by 3.5% when eliminating husks. His abilities would be Frag Grenades, Goin’ Commando!!, and Shockwave.


Stranger Things Heroes

Chief Hopper: Hopper would be a soldier, likely focusing on pistol damage or shotgun damage. While I don’t have much of an Idea for his perk, his abilities would likely be Lefty and Righty, Frag Grenades and Shockwave.

Demogorgon: The Demogorgon would be a ninja, and would have a lot of strange abilities that would be oddly effective. His perk would be Strange Force, critical hits would throw husks into the air like a launch trap, temporarily slowing them down, though at the cost of making them harder to hit, especially with ranged weapons. It’s abilities would be Smoke Bomb, Kunai Storm and Crescent Kick.

Icon Heroes

Marshmello: Marshmello could work for any role, but to keep things interesting I’ll design him as a constructor. His perk would be Mello BASE. Mello BASE would deal water damage to husks attacking structures, and would drop Mello Marshmellows nearby the base for small heals when Marshmello is acting as Commander. His abilities would be DECOY, ROSIE and Going Constructor!!

Major Lazer: Major Lazer would be a soldier, and would focus on stuns. His perk would be Beat Blast, critical hits would stun husks, and any damage done to stunned husks would be increased. His abilities would be Frag Grenade, Lefty and Righty, and Going Commando!!

John Wick Heroes (Assassin Heroes?)

John Wick: Good old Jay Dubyah would be a soldier, though his ability would give him some effects similar to ninjas. His ability is Boogeyman, ranged weapon eliminations activating shadow stance, and increasing his overall shield by 2% per elimination (max of 20). His abilities would be Lefty and Righty, Shockwave, and Going Commando!!

Marvel Heroes:

Starlord: Starlord is interesting, he could work well as both a soldier or an Outlander, but personally I’m going to go with Soldier. His perk would be “Improvise!” . Swapping between ranged weapons would automatically reload them, and increase damage output for 5 seconds. Additionally, as a commander Lefty and Righty would become Starlord’s signature blasters doing Energy Damage. His abilities would be Lefty and Righty (Naturally), Frag Grenades and Shockwave.

Black Widow: Black Widow would be a ninja, fighting tactically and using Affliction to great effect. Her perk would be Widow’s Poison. All abilities would now deal affliction damage and affliction damage would be increased by 50% while acting as commander. Her abilities would be Smoke Bomb, Kunai Storm and Dragon Slash.

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