STW has no focus, and we will probably never see it get finished.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - STW has no focus, and we will probably never see it get finished.

I know, another rant on here, but this one is slightly different (slightly), and after seeing more alpha footage, And more dev videos before br, it's really showed me how little epic games cares for stw at all.

Back before launch on pre alpha videos for stw, epic said there was about 100-110 people actively developing stw around 2014-15. Now there's about 8. 8 developers. After BR launched it was apparent that a good portion of the devs switched to there (don't know how many at the time), and with a good ammount of people leaving, including Ramirez's voice actor, I think it's really hurt stw.

There was a few people who worked in stw (a creative director, and someone else), who then moved to the creative mode later when that launched. Does stw even have any director at all? Or anyone who is thinking of the main game? It surely seems that dealing with love problems, a haunted hotel, investigating a meteor site, ect are far more important than the real reason we're here. The storm. Does anyone remember that 98% of the population is missing, and we need to get rid of the storm? Neither do I.

We've had the excact same mission types (excluding the like 3 mini fetch quest missions we got a while back) for almost 3 years now with no incentive that we will see something new, whereas Battle Royal has gotten new stuff basically every month with so many different ways to play. It gets boring after 3 years y'know. There's also been no new gadgets or gadget reworks since launch either which is a shame as I feel like there could be room for so much potential.

I remember back in season 6 when stw's 50% off sale got promoted in the battle royal news feed. Now stw doesn't even get mentioned on any social media platform except for this subreddit. If epic truly cared why do they not express it? Battle Royal has gotten multiple highly detailed cinematics this season alone, whereas the last time we got one was for the stand and fight, and even then the majority of it was reused.


There's also so many useless or unfinished things in the game such as the thumbs up at the end of the mission that does nothing, and survivor squads where anything but trap durability is useless, or expeditions which give extremely sub par rewards for twine peaks players, and there's also features that are so out of the way (such as the help tab), that you may never look at it. Some not so useful features such as Transform keys, and a couple other things were outright removed rather than being fixed to have use, which only removes things from the core game. Mission Zones are also incredibly outdated (excluding canny, and lakeside), (autumn versions of old zones aren't new), and there's also been no incentive to make new zones, or at the very least redo the old ones to refresh it, whereas Battle Royal will get alot of map changes nearly every update including live events. All we seem to be getting now is just heros or weapons or limited time events (Keyword limited time), and it's frustrated me that there's been so little that seems to be put into the core game.

All in all I don't think stw is going to ever get finished let alone f2p, and I bet this "major feature" is being oversold. I don't usually rant but this is an important subject to me as I do not like seeing the neglect stw has always had since br. STW really needs to get acknowledged publicly again as the playerbase is very small opposed to br. 350 million players, and you can't even find a squad in most public twine missions.

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