STW is confusing, let’s make it not!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - STW is confusing, let's make it not!

Save the world has many mechanics, very little of which is explained in-game, but no need to worry! this guide goes over the basics of builds, trap tunnels, weapons, traps, perks, heroes, defenders, and survivors!

Atlas and Retrieve the Data builds

Atlas missions and RTD missions have very similar objective layouts, except you can't place walls directly next to the atlas.
Qg1hQe1 - STW is confusing, let's make it not!

This is an example of a basic RTD build, Atlas builds are the same except for the walls. As far as traps are concerned, for the main build you want floor launchers, ceiling zappers, wooden floor spikes and (not pictured) gas traps. The floor launchers, combined with the ramps will send husks flying back, and the ceiling zappers will damage any who don't get launched. Floor spikes slow husks down, and gas traps will deal damage to any husks not trying to go through the ramps.

Ride the Lightning

RTL missions have an
L Shaped objective, making them weird to build for, but it's easy enough to work around. Traps remain the same, you just need more.

Refuel the Homebase, Repair and Evacuate the Shelter, and Deliver the Bomb

These are all fairly similar in their builds, with the basic one being the
RWTFvhJ - STW is confusing, let's make it not!

RTH build, and the others being expanded to match the objective size. RTS, ETS, and DTB builds are literally the same thing but bigger.

The pyramid

If you have an objective where it's easy for the husks to walk onto the builds, your best bet may be the Pyramid build. Just have all ramps facing the build instead of away.

Trap Tunnels and husk A.I.

Trap Tunnels end up being your primary way of getting through missions, and while not as important in earlier levels, it never hurts to practice building them. You want to increase the distance they have to walk without drastically changing their pathing. Just remember, husks will try to take the shortest, least defended path to the objective, meaning if you try and make them go drastically far around your builds to get to the objective, they'll start breaking through. This also means if you block certain paths, they wont go that way, and instead they walk through your trap tunnels. When blocking pathing, and separating them for your tunnels, never try and block more then two tiles at a time, as they'll probably just start trying to bash through it at that point.


Husks and weapons can have different elements, which affect the mission in different ways. There's water, fire, and nature, all of which have a rock paper scissors relationship. Element husks do additional damage to certain build types, which means you'll want to avoid using them during certain missions with one exception. Fire husks do more damage to wood, nature husks do more damage to metal, and water husks do more damage to brick. (If you're in a water storm metal corrosion mission, still use metal. The element does more than the modifier) Fire weapons do the most damage to nature husks, nature weapons do the most damage to water husks, and water weapons do the most damage to fire husks. Weapons have 2 additional element types, physical and energy. Physical does the most damage to normal husks, and consistently the least to elemental husks. Energy is a catch all, not doing as much damage compared to a properly matched weapon, but doing the most without needing to be paired.


*Mission Alerts and Modifiers**

Mission modifiers only appear on mission alerts, which reset daily. Modifiers will appear blue when they affect heroes, and red when they affect husks. You can have multiple modifiers, but only a few you really need to keep an eye out for, which are metal corrosion and weather alerts. Metal corrosion increases the damage done to metal structures. Weather alerts turn all elemental husks into a specific element for that mission. If you're in a water storm metal corrosion mission, still use metal. The element does more than the modifier

**Upgrade and Research points**

Upgrade points are earned through leveling up and are used to upgrade your backpack size, storage size, build speed, pickaxe and gadgets. Research points are earned at an hourly rate, and are used to upgrade your F.O.R.T stats, which are your health, weapon damage, shield and trap damage, refereed to in-game as Fortitude, Offense, Regeneration, and Technology.

**Re-Perk and Perk-Up**

As you level up schematics, you will unlock perks for them. These can be changed and upgraded, but you need Re-Perk for both. To access the Perk Menu, you need to select as schematic, inspect it, and select upgrades. Re-Perk is used to change the perk, additionally costing Perk-Up after a certain point. Perk-Up is used primarily to upgrade perks, which increases the perks strength.

Flux and Rarities

Flux is used to upgrade the rarity of schematics and heroes. For heroes, this lets them have higher stats. For schematics, this allows them to have access to more perks. Legendary schematics can have 6 perks, with epic having 5 and rare having 4. Rarity increases are also accessed through the Upgrade Menu

Hero Loadouts

Hero Loadouts are where you can slot specific heroes into your loadout. The team perk grants a larger bonus but has specific requirements to activate. Heroes each have a specific perk, which has two versions, the standard perk, which grants a passive bonus, and the Commander perk, which activates when you're playing as that hero. You'll still want to level up and evolve the heroes in your loadout, even if you don't plan on playing as them, because they affect your FORT stats.


Defenders can be a huge help in missions. Each defender will be set to a specific weapon type, and must be deployed ata defender station, which can be crafted from your inventory! Defenders can use Assault riffles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, snipers, and melee weapons.

Survivors and Survivor Squads

Survivor squads can be a little intimidating at first, but are nothing to worry about. Each survivor has a personality type and a bonus. You need to set a squad leader, and try and match their personality type. When a survivors personality type is correctly matched, their power level is raised further, and your FORT stats are increased more. Bonuses are indicated by a smaller icon next to their personality. When correctly matched with the required amount, it will light up.

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