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playing frostnite has highlighted to me a couple things about the main game that I was kinda aware of but only subconsciously.

firstly the main game is very easy. while it is possible to min/max your weapon/hero loadout into infinity there isn't much real benifit. if you are playing on level you can be successful with any combination of hero's and weapons.

second the teamwork aspect is tenuous at best. sure it's possible to have a squad hand picked for their synergy, or everyone can simply play pathfinder/striker, in both cases you're still probably going to win and with similar rewards. on top of that it's possible to carry at least one afk if everyone else is willing to work a little harder. the biggest teamwork element is not to be a hindrance, don't get in the way, don't wreck my God damn trap tunnels. that's it.

then frostnite comes along. let's just say I like it. I want more events like it. I think the higher pace and need for actual team work is what the game needs. it is refreshing that 4 team members performing their given rolls is essential. before frostnite laziness was fine but now entering frostnite? "know thyself", know what u bring and how to bring it. ask yourself is what i got what's needed? should I be playing pathfinder or enforcer? i think making people think strategically and tactically is great.

all that said, if your joining a frostnite lobby with me I have one rule:

Everyone fights, no one quits. if you don't do your job, I'll kill you myself (or rage impotently at the screen, then whinge on reddit)

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