STW Needs End Game Challenges With End Game Rewards

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - STW Needs End Game Challenges With End Game Rewards

I started playing STW in March or April of 2018 or about 9 months after the beta launch. I missed Survive the Storm and Horde Bash. The first "end game" challenge I experienced was Challenge the Horde. At the time I had just reached Twine Peaks and could only craft 4 star weapons and traps. I was also still playing BR a little more than STW so I never finished the level 50 challenge. By the time Frostnite rolled around I was max level and had a few friends that were as well. With their help I cleared Frostnite 128 a couple of times. Endurance mode came next and after some trials and tribulations I cleared Twine Endurance in my homebase with the same friends. Most recently Hit the Road was released and it only took a few tries to complete the 140 flawless with two friends and a random.

Was it fun completing those challenges? Frostnite and Endurance yes but Hit the Road was not. Would I have missed out on anything meaningful if I didn't complete any of them? Not really. Sure it felt good besting the toughest challenges in the game but eventually that starts to lose its luster. The only thing I missed from Survive the Storm and Horde Bash were digital banners that you almost never see anymore because most of the players that have them either stopped playing or use other banners.

This leads to the reason I am writing this post. STW needs end game challenges with end game rewards. What constitutes an end game reward? In the case of STW I would say a Mythic Weapon for the highest difficulty and maybe some mythic weapon wraps for clearing it multiple times. A digital banner just isn't worth it anymore. No one cares about the banner you have in the lobby. If at some point in the future we could decorate our homebase with banners from past achievements they'd be okay but even then they have no impact on the actual game and don't give players a reason to grind to max level.


If STW is going to be developed as a game as a service, meaning it will get updates for the foreseeable future, it needs to have end game rewards to keep players playing. With the current system most players will reach the point where they no longer see a point in playing the game very quickly and I am seeing that firsthand. Most of the people I played with in the first year have either quit or taken extended breaks. Those were the diehards that said they would never quit but even they have reached the tipping point. I myself have cut back significantly over the past few months.

Part of me just wants the Twine quest line released so I can "beat" the game and move on but the other part of me wants good content beyond that because I really enjoy STW. It's unique from any other game I've ever played but that uniqueness is slowly wearing off. Doing fetch quests to get more heroes and weapons and completing challenging content for digital banners just to do the same thing a month or two later with no real direction of where the game is going is wearing on me and the few friends that haven't completely walked away.

I'd bet that many of you are in the same place. I'd also bet that for many if 11.0 comes without Twine part 1 or some amazing new event mode that this time next week you will be writing your goodbyes on this sub or walking away silently. I, myself, will be giving STW until the end of the year before moving on completely but I don't blame anyone who makes that decision sooner.

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