STW needs less event content and more BASE content

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - STW needs less event content and more BASE content

Having some exclusive goodies every now and then is nice and encourages people to keep playing, but all of this is wasted content for anyone who starts playing afterwards.

The game is sorely lacking in fun/original/interesting weapons/heroes in the non-event collections.

I'd happily take an event with no exclusive new stuff if it means they can work on adding to the base game. And people who have everything and no reason to keep playing… well, it's still new content to play for, so win-win.

I dread Epic actually listening to people asking for event traps and skewing the community even more with even more unobtainable items.


It is not a problem for me as I own every event item I ever wanted (besides Dam Buster, but I have so many launchers it's not like I even need it that much, I just like the looks/sounds), but it's a problem for the game that will hurt it badly in the long run.

Epic, please, consider adding content to the base game, more storyline, quests, side quests, weapons, traps, heroes… instead of churning out event after event that is basically wasted after it's over, and burns people after a while of endless "break X of Y"/"collect N of M" copy paste quests with different dialogue.

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