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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Reddit. So have mercy on me. 😀

Like most of you, I'm disappointed with the start of Season 11. But instead of writing my frustration here, I thought I could write down my idea here.

The developers wrote in their roadmap that they need more time for content, which can be understandable. But keep in mind that they should also give us content during this time instead of letting us wait forever or giving boring missions (hit the road) for weeks.

My idea would be a Season Pass, like Battle Royal.

NOT THE SAME! which is very important.

We should get our own Season Pass because:

  1. – It would motivate us more to play the different missions (or the same ones over and over again). So we would not be so fixated that we need new stuff every week because we have something to do.
  2. – It would reward us with OWN UNIQUE StW skins and co. (Since we get the locker, this would also be possible) Battle Royal Player can get it, only if they play StW.
  3. – You could combine Endgame with the Pass. (special missions) So strong players (I'm not that far myself) could get special skins/variants. The endgame players would get also constantly content.
  4. – While the StW-Pass runs for us, developers can focus more on other stuff. (next content, fixing,…)

And now the most important point:

  • – The pass could bring Battle Royal players to play StW! (and entice players to spend money (if bosses prefer to hear xD))


What should the StW-Pass look like?

  • – Skins, emotes, banners,… the stuff like Battle Royal, just NOT the same!

  • – No Heroes, weapons, survivors. (that is a Event/Lama Thing)

  • – The pass doesn't have to run a long time. Ex.: 1 Month pass – Event/STROY 1-2 Month – New 1 Month pass

How should the StW-Pass work?

  • – Weekly missions (In matches, random players dont get your progress for missions (against AFK Player), but (lobby) teammates get)

  • -Special missions, like Event Mission? Ex.: Special worlds, bosses,…

  • – After each match the score of each player get split (depending on the country / difficulty) and given as EXP for the pass. (Stonewood :10 / Plankerton :8 / Bru-Tal :5/…?)

Ex .: Fight Points = 6,845 / 10 = 684 EXP for the pass (So AFK players can not benefit much! If you do nothing, you get nothing!)

I would also like to say that the developers are doing a great job and I am grateful that they still have hope. In my eyes, they do a good job, but they do not have enough recourses (because most developers work on Battle Royal (= money in the eyes of the bosses …). If they got more help from above, StW would be a really big game.

PS: It is only an IDEA. Fixing the main stuff has an higher priority.

I think that was all … I hope that many read it and also think about it.

And please have mercy … (for my bad english too) XD (this post is from the 16.10.2019)

PS.: I love the willow quests. It was realy nice! Pls more from this!

PS.: sorry for peoples, who read this again. I didnt use a flair.

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