STW Side Quests and Rewards List

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This all started because I read a comment where someone claimed that an Epic Shuriken Master Sarah, could be aquired from a side quest while in Canny Valley.

The side quests however seem really repetitive and tedious, so I wasn't sure it was worth the effort. I tried to find a list online that could shed some light on side quests, how they progress, and which one would give me my SMS.

With the internet useless, I decided I needed her bad enough to just power through the side quests and see what happened. The very next side quest I discovered Joel and Karolina, so I was convinced there was something to this and confused at why there was no good list online.

I knew there had to be other people out there wondering if the side quests were worth the time and if the rewards get any better. So I decided to type them into a list as I went a long. My plan was to share that list if I found it useful.


This list isn't quite finished but covers every side quest I encountered from Joel's Pub to the start of Twine Peaks. The rewards fluctuate from bad to jaw dropping, but there are hundreds of thousands of survivor xp to be found. As well as a plethora of other rewards including, traps, heros, survivors, defenders, and weapons ranging from Rare to legendary. Also, if you're wondering, I did get my SMS finally, but by then I had Bladestorm Enforcer's Support Squad Bonus and didn't need her anymore.

tl;dr – List of available side quests and rewards that I've kept track of from Joel's Pub to the beginning of Twine Peaks.


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