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Hello all.

Preamble: (Sorry, I very rarely use Reddit, and my native language is german, so please forgive me, if this is a bit chaotic)

I think, I've a very relaxed/patient personality and I try to help, if possible, but I'm getting very frustrated lately and it seems, that there is no way to get attention from support/or forums. Why, you ask?

chronologically: (I started playing STW in February 2018)

1.) Contacted support in February; reason: "I wanted to gift the ulti-deluxe-edition to an ig. friend!" – Answer from support, ~3 MONTHS later: "Sorry, this product is no longer available" (My reaction? I smiled… I really did. Happens*)*

2.) Contacted (german) support May 30th; reason: "Request to change wrong upgraded weapons (obsi <-> crystall)" – Answer from support, Aug. 8th (~2,5 MONTHS later): "The request is closed, because there was no more feedback from my side, and the problem COULD HAVE BEEN FIXED meanwhile, by someone else… But if not, I could 'reopen' it…" – It was not fixed. So, I reopened it. (Now what? Wait another 2+ months? But… as mentioned above, it's ok, it's only a minor issue and I can wait)

Note: I opened a 2nd support-ticket, same issue mid June (~2 weeks later, international support, because some community members mentioned they got their schematics changed after a few DAYS). I postet on the official forums. No answer on this one, till now. I really don't understand what the support means with: "No feedback"? (But it's ok. Only minor issue) – I check my mails several times a day, I read forums every day –

3.) ~2 weeks ago my "Twine-stormshield" got reset during a loadingscreen. (Trust me… I put a lot of time into this one… A LOT… I think ~ 60+80k metal/stone) Message: "SS was reset and materials in SS" (only a few traps/no materials… which overload my ss now) I used the ingame bug report system immediately and I also made a post in the "STW-bug-forums".

Note: My first "bug-report" got deleted by a mod, days later WITHOUT any feedback, reason: "guidelines" (I looked at my messages). Here's the thing… I updated this topic twice. – Quote (1st): "UPDATE: Twine-ss still default – Others still ok" – 2nd post (SAME TOPIC): update + some "memories" + question for a support phone number. (I can only find ONE – I think it's a press-phone-number, not sure)

So I openend this topic again days later. (for this moderator, with an exact copy of HIS guidelines)… 2 days ago I updated this topic again (meanwhile it was on page 31 without any new views… and referring to point 8 of the guidelines and the last mail – "feedback")

My ig-name: Akariela (if you want to look at some posts) –

Final words:

I still think, Fortnite is a great game. (If some mods want to look at my payments, you'll also notice, that I spent quite a bit last 6 months)


…but I'm getting more and more frustrated…

  • I was one of the "bluescreen-recipients"… (with a € 3k+ system and never having any issues with anything else) – happens –
  • End of Canny-questline… I was joining several lobbies (4p lvl 70+) with PL ~5 players. There is/was begging via voice/text chat…(see screens, if you don't believe me, in forums) – happens –
  • I get/got switched to lvl 10 SSD's, during the opening of (bought) Llamas. Without loadingscreen. No joke. Hit Llama, be mid fight SSD… – happens –
  • I completed missions, without getting rewards at the end… – happens –
  • I played a lot of games. (I'm ancient)… In my whole video-game time… idk… I had to block ~10 persons? In Fortnite… lately, I've to block/mute nearly everytime I'm not in a mission. Abo-trade-spam/Trade-spam/Scam-spam… No way to read the party-chat… – happens –
  • I got flamed, during the teleporter-exploit-bug, because I wanted to do it the "intended" way… (Hey, I like the battle at the end of mission. I really do!)… – happens –
  • People were searching for SSD help… I offered help… only to find myself, after joining, boxed… "Hey Akariela do you have X? Give me y!""You invited me for SSD! Not for trade! Don't do that!"… Answer? "I don't care! Have you X?" (sometimes f-words and other nice things…) – happens –

…the list goes on and on…

For me, these are only minor issues… "early access"… I'm ok with bugs/problems, I post/comment in forums to help. Give advice/feedback, make suggestions. I understand that there are a lot of minor issues…

Want one more example? Referring to my 2nd point and my request to change my weapon from obsi to crystall. I bought the ultimate-edition a 2nd time. To get the "Masamune" a 2nd time and to undo my mistake by myself, while supporting the game. – I got all schematics… but no 2nd "Masamune"… (Still, a minor problem. It would be very nice, if the support could fix this problem, but if not, the world does not end…)

BUT: The reset of my TWINE-stormshield is a problem because it would have unlocked 100s missions (I'm ~PL 97)! Even if it had been another SS, it would have been fine… (Joined with a friend to do D4… completely build and rdy… when this bug occured)… I read forums and noticed, that some had this problem several times…

My question is:

What do you want me to do? Shall I invest several (x²) hours again with the permanent risk, that it gets reset again? (everytime I join my stormshield?) How shall I give more feedback, only to get a system message that I can reopen it if not fixed… or see my bug-report vanish? (If you want, here's my permission: look at the deleted post and post it on Reddit!)

Thanks a lot for your attention and sorry for the wall of text.

STILL THINK FORTNITE IS A GREAT GAME, but support is catastrophic.

BR and have a nice weekend, Aka

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