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Hey guys, first i would like to say that i have been playing STW for about 2 weeks now and really loving the game, I do however feel there is a large problem.

Fortnite STW is a PvE Co-Op game with 4 man teams pitting themselves against hordes of zombies, so how is it possible that we have no form of social tools?

I was expecting to come to this sub to see utter outcry at this fact, I mean it is ludicrous right? There is every chance i may have missed something being a bit new, so please point me in the right direction if i have.

What I would expect to see as a BASIC:

  1. Guild features – Urrrrm Durrrrr. This should have been added BEFORE the first build was sent out to the public. We want to be able to get into guilds with other like minded players. This is such a simple thing it is baffling to me this has been missed….

  2. A "no queue with this player option" – If i get a troll in a game i should have the option to NEVER be put into the same game with them again. This should be a little tick box after each game, you managed a thumbs up button (does it even do anything) so now lets put a USEFUL button in.

  3. Easy reporting tools – These should be IN GAME on the score board. These reports should be action and the actions should be sent back to the reporter (why this is always hidden from people i have no idea).

  4. Leadership tools – If i start the mission, i am the mission leader, i should be able to kick players from MY squad as i see fit! EDIT: As pointed out, this can obviously be abused. Can anyone think of a better idea or would it just be best through option 2?

These tools are SUPER important in a game like STW, they are what grow the community and make for a longstanding game.

I find it laughable we are getting new events and items when we still don't have a guild feature….. That's just time spent on the wrong thing!

Am I the only one who thinks this is utter craziness?

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