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So, I was thinking throughout the night and couldn't get over the thought of tournaments in StW. I play the other mode as much as StW (even though I personally like StW better, I play BR to calm me down when I get upset over a failed mission and because all my friends play it) and I enjoyed playing tourneys in BR because the thought of a more competitive atmosphere excites me. Now, I was thinking, what if they had that for StW? And, here is my StW tourney concept of Tournaments!

Tournament Types(?)

Every week there could be a new tournament objective or mission purpose. An endless mode against 3 other players to see who can defend their objective the longest could be fun. An encampment based-one could also be fun where you are given 30 minutes to destroy the most super encampments that you can (and more than your opponents) could be something fresh and exciting to see.

New Husk Modifiers

I was also thinking that adding various new (and slightly really overpowered) husk modifiers could be a way to add on to the challenge and push one's skill. One idea for a modifier could be having blasters do 2X damage or normal husks doing 3X damage to ____ structures, something that is OP but is still manageable if you play your cards right (nearly forgot to mention the husks match the player's power level).


(DISCLAIMER: Access to Tournaments begins after Plankerton SSD2)Rewards would (obviously) vary depending on zone and Power Level, and here are the Power Level tournament ranges along with their rewards

Power Level 20-39 rewards Power Level 40-59 Rewards: Power Level 60-79 Rewards Power Level 80-99 Rewards: Power Level 100-131 Rewards:
1st place: (Choice) 500 gold, one epic+ survivor, OR 40,000 (choice) Schematic,Survivor,or Hero XP 1st Place: (Choice) 1 Legendary Survivor and 30,000 Survivor XP. Or 1,500 Re-Perk, or 750 Gold (Or 50 Legendary Flux) 1st Place: (Choice) 1 Legendary Troll Stash Llama, Or (Package) 125 Uncommon PERK-UP, 100 Rare PERK-UP, 75 Epic and Legendary PERK-UP, Or 1,200 Gold. 1st Place: 1 Super People llama AND 400 Gold OR 800 Vbucks 1st Place: 1,000 Vbucks Or 3,000 Gold
2nd Place: (Choice) 400 gold Or 20,000 (Choice) Schematic, Survivor, or Hero XP 2nd Place: (Choice) 1 Legendary Schematic and 25,000 Schematic XP, Or 500 Gold 2nd Place: 1 Legendary+ Lead Survivor Or 800 Gold 2nd Place: 1,000 Gold 2nd Place: 2,000 Re-Perk AND 200 Uncommon Perk-UP, 200 Legendary Perk-UP
3rd Place: 200 gold 3rd Place: 400 gold 3rd Place: 250 Event Tickets 3rd Place: 500 Fire-UP, Frost-UP, (and whatever the nature one is called) and 500 Re-PERK 3rd Place: 1,000 Gold
4th Place: 50 event tickets. 4th Place: (Choice) 100 Event Tickets Or 250 Gold 4th Place: 400 gold 4th Place: 10,000 (Each) Schematic, Survivor, and Hero XP. 4th Place: 500 event Tickets
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Husk spawns would be adjusted a little bit for Tournaments, with Mist Monster spawn going up and Normal Husk spawn rate going down. Riot Husks are taken out of tournaments due to their shield being able to LITERALLY MURDER YOU if you get stuck in a corner. Propane Husks also don't spawn due to their, well, propane. While the spawn rate of Mist Monsters going up, the spawn rate of blasters goes down while Taker spawn goes up (to balance them, they have reduced health) Flingers are not in tournaments either. And finally, the final change is that super shielders are not as common but normal shielder spawn rate goes up to make up for the super shielder's absence.


When going into a tournament, your inventory is wiped until the tournament is over and you have 10 minutes to farm materials to craft traps, melees, and guns. The tournament only gives you materials based on what Power Level Tournament you are in ( when you reach a certain power level requirement you are locked into that tournament level until you reach a high enough PL to join the next level up) for example, If you are in the PL 20-39 tournament, the only crafting materials that can be found are 2-star materials.


  • One tournament entry a week (unless you recieve second place, then you can also choose to play again)
  • Leaving a match automatically gives you 4th Place rewards.
  • Resources farmed in Tournament Play will NOT carry over into your main-game inventory
  • While in tournament, all gun's perks are turned to Legendary (reset to normal when you leave)


This was overall a really fun concept to make, and I hope to see something like this enter the game someday. Something like this would take a long time to create, but I do believe it would benefit the game long-term. Also, a sandbox mode would be nice… Thoughts on the concept? Any feedback is appreciated (this took way too long to make…)

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Have a good day/night everyone!

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