Sub Update: Rule Addition and Reminders

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Sub Update: Rule Addition and Reminders

Hi all aFrequ here, we have a new rule we're putting in place and while we're announincing tha we'd like to throw out a couple reminders for the community


Rule Addition: No Emojis in Titles

In an attempt to depict the sub in a more professional manner, we've decided to prohibit emojis from titles.


Rule Reminders

  • Be Civil

    • I know its annoying to see BR posts in this sub, but please try to remain civil towards them and avoid throwing insults. Kindly redirect them to fortnitebr and report the post and it will be removed asap.
  • No Witchhunting

    • Afks/leechers/griefers are all annoying, but it is against reddit sitewide rules to name and shame. Posts including the names of such players will be removed. Ranting is fine, naming and shaming is not. This includes gifs of launching afkers off the map. griefers destroying your walls, etc where names are visible. Its not that we promote this behavior, but reddit condones naming and shaming, and we will follow that precedent.



  • Can you create a daily/weekly thread for loot posts?

    • As stated before, before we updated our CSS we had a filter working that would allow users to filter these posts out, however, that capability is no longer pesent in the current CSS and we are working to get it back.
  • Can you create a daily/weekly thread for questions?

    • Currently, we believe that this action is not warranted, we may reconsider when the playerbase spikes or when the game goes f2p as those posts will increase in volume, but as of know we do not belive them to be a problem. If the community has a strong opinion on this we may reconsider this course of action. As it stands, filters for loot posts are in the works and STW going f2p/sale, which constituted a majority of these posts, are already prohibited as we have a wiki page for it (which can be found here).


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below or modmail and we will try to answer them to the best of our abilities.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post. As stated before any feedback/suggestions are appreciated and we will discuss them so feel free to tell us of any.

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