Suggestion: A “Thumb Down” and “Vouch” system where griefers, afkers, leechers, harassers, scammers, and toxic players get to play together!

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Suggestion: A "Thumb Down" and "Vouch" system where griefers, afkers, leechers, harassers, scammers, and toxic players get to play together!

This should address the major issue that is occurring right now with many players trying to take advantage of others, or just outright want to cause pain and ruin other people's enjoyment of this game.

The system splits players into two pools: regular players and unpopular players through the usage of the "thumb down" button, which will appear at the end of a mission or under recently played. This thumb down option has several functions:

  1. Puts the player into your blacklist (similar to what's suggested here, which the game's public queueing system will check and prevent you being placed into the same party with that player. If a member of your party invites the blacklisted player, or if you are invited to a party where the blacklisted player is in, you will be shown a warning message, and only if you accept will you two be in the same party.

  2. Creates a report against the player, with a snapshot of recent chat history, that will be sent to EPIC. A large accumulation, or a rapid accumulation, of reports against a player will prompt EPIC staff for investigation. If the player is determined to be mischievous and/or ruining others enjoyment, the player will be flagged as unpopular player, and have a separate public queueing pool from the regular players.

By placing the unwanted players into a separate queue pool, we are effectively removing the source of the problem, yet still allowed these players to enjoy the game. Maybe they do enjoy getting scammed or harassed all the time, we shouldn't remove their "enjoyment" much like they did to ours.


Of course, we also need to allow a way for the unpopular players to return to the regular queue uf they understand their wrong doings and are willing to be a better player. This is where the "Vouch" system comes in.

Only regular players can vouch for an unpopular player, and this can only be done at the end of a mission. Since regular player and unpopular player have different queue, the unpopular player has to persuade a regular player who is willing to to invite him into a mission on the regular queue. Additionally, all existing regular users in the party will have to consent on letting the unpopular player join (they will all see a message with accept or decline). A significant amount of vouches are required before the unpopular player is being presented to EPIC staff, who will promptly remove the unpopular flag. Should the player return back to his old self, the unpopular flag becomes permanent and irreversible.

To prevent abuse of this system, where one player falsely thumbs down another player for no reason, the reporter's name is also recorded in the report. If someone constantly thumbs down other players, showing up as reporter in many of the reports against other players, and these players are rarely being reported by others, it also warrants a flag for investigation by EPIC staff.

Disclaimer: This system will not allow one person to be kicked from a game, since it's at best three people making the claim that the last person should be kicked, which is abusable. In addition, this system will not immediately result in the player being removed from the regular queue for other players. The player will, however, disappear from your future games.

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