Suggestion: Constructor/Outlander synergy.

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So I had a flash of inspiration while browsing about. Constructors and Outlanders get a bad beat because they're not the major DPS/clear classes. When I look at these two classes on paper I see them working well together in a team setting with the Outlander collecting and supporting the Constructor who is the main builder for the team. (I know, obvious observation.

–> So what am I on about?

Make it to where the Constructor's BASE can have materials stored into it from the rest of the team that only the constructors can take from. Working similarly to how Powerbase functions except it doesn't generate it's own materials, a modest cap storage for the BASE allows people to pool resources for the constructor without having to hunt them down or drop them. In addition to this, Outlanders specifically have an increased input to the BASE's resource pools for less materials.

For example, if a soldier put in 10 metal then there's 10 metal. If an outlander put in 10 metal there'd be a percentage increase so with say a 20% increase to resources in would come to 12 metal.


The challenge with that would be "how do we keep metal from being duped and then the players farming metal dropping out?" If possible, then the resources put in go to a seperate pool of mission only resources, which can't be cashed out of a mission. For example, if a Constructor took 50 metal from the BASE but only used 30 of it the remaining 20 metal would be eaten when the mission clears.

Alternatively to a higher yield, Outlanders could get specific buffs for doing it, like a temporary higher cap to damage fragments or perhaps just stat buffs (I'm thinking class accompanying buffs like pistol crit chance/damage or sniper raw damage buffs but it could be really anything).

Constructors using the materials from BASE yield could have a 5% higher health pool even, to give them incentive on the matter as well, but with the convenience boost that getting Outlanders to support Constructors already presents that may not be necessary, even if it'd feel better to play constructor with a good team.

It's not the most concise idea but the quick and dirty is to make the two classes whom aren't all about that DPS (in most cases) become more synergistic and overall promotes more team play. Thoughts?

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