Suggestion for an Event: “Downpour Dash” – A checkpoint-based, run-and-gun-like-hell co-op survival mission, similar to “F**king Run!” from F.E.A.R. 3’s multiplayer.

2b02f09dda89cfbef21b7bc3eea90fc4 1024x576 - Suggestion for an Event: "Downpour Dash" - A checkpoint-based, run-and-gun-like-hell co-op survival mission, similar to "F**king Run!" from F.E.A.R. 3's multiplayer.

Fight through the horde, race to the checkpoints, and stay far enough ahead of the dreaded Downpour to reach Lars at the evacuation point.

Downpour Dash Gameplay Features: (For added dramatic effect, read in the vocal style of J.K. Simmons, Matthew Mercer, or Panic Room-era Jodie Foster.)

  • Teams are limited to only one of each Hero type, no doubles allowed. Didn't load up quick enough to lock in Penny's thiccness on this Dash? Tough. You're running with Sarah or Southie or Spitfire (Jonesy if you're desperate) or whomever the hell else RNGesus llama'd into your lap. Better luck next time. Pick one and GO!

  • All players begin with a basic green assault rifle and sword, as well as a package of materials (similar to Challenge the Horde), then agree upon a difficulty level. You gotta start somewhere.

  • Hoverboards are disabled, so get to steppin'. You could use the cardio anyway, tubby. Too much bacon in your diet.

  • Harvesting is disabled. It's too slow and slow equals dead.

  • Enemies drop ammo and ammo-crafting mats to keep your guns a-poppin' and the husks a-droppin'. Reload on the run because the storm won't wait for that little progress bar to fill and neither should you.

  • Caches at checkpoints grant weapon-crafting mats to boost your firepower from pew-pew-pew to click-click-BOOM. You get what they give you, so make your crafts count and quit begging for malachite, you shrimpy little nooblet.

  • All four players must group within the boundary of each checkpoint to receive their next crafting cache and unlock the next checkpoint. I repeat…ALL FOUR PLAYERS. IN THE BOUNDARY. TO ADVANCE THE MISSION. That means you, Jonesy. Fall in or fu*k off. Chase Lobber skirts on your own time.

  • Craftable traps are restricted to healing pads and red bounce pads, so you can zoom-zoom like a Mazda commercial if the storm starts nipping at your heels, then patch yourself up once you're out of danger range.

  • Revives are quick and easy, but if one player diess in the Downpour, there's no respawn and everyone fails the mission. Help each other out, no Hero left behind. You live together or you die together, simple as that.

  • All players must rendezvous at the final checkpoint to complete the mission. If Lars leaves without you, it's your own damn fault. Have fun being Husk food, especially you, Jonesy, you prick. Good luck hoofin' it to Homebase in this weather.

OK, that's pretty much the gist of it, and good timing too, I can see clouds coming in from the west. Time to lace up and load up, Heroes. The Downpour is coming. Are you ready to run?

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