Suggestion: Let’s try using positive reinforcement.

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We must be the change we wish to see, right?

So here's a thought experiment for all my fellow Twine Peaks folk.

Recently, when I go into Plankerton & Canny to farm Uncommon/Rare Perk-Up I've decided to start giving out 1 fully legendary rolled 106 weapon per player who is actively participating. I don't tell them I'm going to do it, I just leave it up to my discretion.

I'm PL99 and just had an awesome match with some random PL30-40's in Canny who were doing a Cat2 for Uncommon Perk-Up.

The outlander brought me a llama while I build the bases. The soldier found a storm chest, and I can't blame him for wanting to do it, though i let him know I would pass this time. The other outlander found some blueglow for the cause. As soon as I said ready?, they were all within sight in 30 seconds.

After admiring my 360 tunnel go up in mere seconds, they complimented my build and even reminded me to collect from my BASE before it ended (I always forget to do this…) Near the end, the soldier tossed a grenade into one of the tunnels and blew it to oblivion. He apologized after noticing his mistake, quickly throwing the blown walls back up and told me that he actually hadn't been exposed to such extensive tunnels before. I let him know about the '3-tile' rule as well as the 'no-splodes-on-propane-bros' rule, and he thanked me for the intel.


With about 1 minute left I tossed both my turrets up to cover and asked them to come over. I dropped each one a different weapon based on what their current Hero was and/or what they currently were using. I gave one of them a Neon Sniper, another got a Tiger, and the last one got a Razorblade. They were all overly ecstatic and didn't try to steal each other's weapons at any point or ask me for more things. One of them asked if I'd like anything back, and I let them know that all I wanted was for them to pay it forward. I had them promise me that the next time they came across a lower player than themselves who was struggling that they would help them out the same way.

So how about we try to be some of the change we wish to see in our community? Let's give back to those who are actually playing the game and show them that the "pros" really do appreciate their participation! I know from speaking to quite a few legitimate players who are currently in Plankerton/Canny that they are struggling to find players who are not toxic to progress with. A lot of them also believe that those with higher power level "look down on them" and treat their mistakes like massive faults rather than teaching them politely.

Let's try kindness on for size – it really feels great to pay it forward. Remember we were in their shoes not so long ago.

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