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so i've been thinking a lot lately how the game has gotten super repetitive, particularly since i've hit canny and finished ghost town (god, what a nightmare that quest line was). i realize twine doesn't necessarily have a quest line yet, but i was wondering what everyone would think about a pvp-esque style mission type? it's prolly a stupid idea, but once i get started on something, i just gotta get it out.

TL;DR: i'm looking to create a mission that will AFkers cannot actually go AFK in unless they want a guaranteed loss, incentivize using constructors, voice chat, better teamwork, and breathe new life into the game.

Mission Type – PvP and PvE

Mission Modifiers – stay the same as any other type of mission

Objectives – 2 squads of 4 teammates face off to "complete the map". completing the map is defined as: saving survivors, completing encampments, killing hordes, getting boosts, and *defending shelters that will house the survivors you have saved – this part is key*. please keep in mind, mission difficulty will be much harder that any regular mission. you will be using your own mats, your own weapons, and your own heroes and their current loadouts.

completing the map:

– enemy squads cannot participate in saving survivors OR completing encampments that YOUR TEAM has started. HOWEVER, should you go down if you are by yourself, or if your team who is with you goes down, the enemy can *steal* the survivor/encampment from you. If your whole squad is there, as long as at least one of you remains up, the encampment/survivor remains yours.

– hordes are defined as any group of sleeping husks you come across. should you wake them up (whether on purpose or accident) the horde belongs to you so long as you or at least one of your team stays up to finish the horde.

– in order for you to get credit for defeating hordes/encampments/saving survivors, you and/or your teammates must be in a 15 meter radius. anyone who is downed who gets within the radius, but has a live teammate(s) who steps outside the radius, loses the horde/encampment/survivor to the enemy squad *if they choose to steal it*

– if an enemy squad chooses to steal a horde/encampment/survivor: when a squad loses a horde/encampment/survivor, the opposing team will receive a notification that will pop up (exactly like how the "increase difficulty" or "start mission" notifications pop up) with a chance for your squad to steal it. you have exactly 8 seconds to steal it. if you choose to not steal it, the other team gets to "restart the side mission" or if you choose to steal it, should you lose the horde/encampment/survivor as well, the enemy you stole it from gets HALF CREDIT

– getting boosts – flat points are awarded for each boost your team deposits bluglo into across the map: movement, building, health, shield, energy – these boosts will still be available to both teams

– defending shelters – ok, here's where it may get complicated… we've all done the repair the shelter missions, right? well this is going to be similar to that except instead of building around a child's jungle gym, you'll be defending all the survivors you have saved/stolen. when you save survivors, they have a health bar, right? here's the incentive to save multiple survivors at full health: after you save the survivors and "deposit" them into your shelter, they are going to have *the same health bar as they did when you saved them*. which means should your shelter falter at any point in time, they are susceptible to damage/death.

way to obtain points for this mission type – i am open to suggestions here as well, let me know what you all think

– survivors: points are only given for survivors if they live long enough to see the end of the mission – flat points given for each survivor regardless of health bar leftover

– hordes/encampments: flat points given for each one defeated based on size – points for encampments will be based on size (small/med/large) and hordes will be worth the same as a small encampments.

– exploring the map: no points awarded

– medals given (plat/gold/etc): no points awarded for the mission itself – still counts towards the loot box the team receives at the end

– defending the shelter: the majority of points your team receives will come from this part right here. points are based on damage done from traps, individual heroes, and *how much damage the shelter has taken from the husks*. i want to provide a reason for people to play constructors regularly. i was also thinking about adding in hero damage taken, but i felt that would be super unfair to ninjas AND constructors seeing as how a lot of constructors use hardware. another option i would like to allow is *for this mission mode only* to allow constructors to use the banner gadget, allowing them to heal their structure. the banner gadget would negate damage dealt to the structure by husks. any individual *repairs* done by constructors or their teammates would NOT allow this action.

– what "how much damage the shelter has taken from the husks" actually means: each shelter will have a set amount of health based on the difficulty you are playing at. the shelter will have an outline exactly like the "retrieve the data" missions, only this time, you'll be able to *build inside that outline* if you so choose. reason being, the survivors will be inside that shelter and god forbid the husks break through, you still want your survivors to keep their health. each survivor you save will spawn in the middle of the shelter, allowing you to build them into a 1×1. now, once the mission begins, the outline will be "filled in" with a structure that you can no longer see inside of, but can see its health bar so long as your are looking in its general direction (same as it is now). NOTE: shelter damage does not include player built structures


player built structures: each team gets a set limit of structures they are allowed to build in an X radius surrounding the shelter as well as up to a certain height from the shelter

bonus points: there will be "special husks", similar to epic huskies, that will pop up during the defend the shelter stage of the mission. these husks can pop up for either team. either team is permitted to participate in defeating the special husks, even if that special husk goes for the enemy shelter. the downside of that: these special husks will always do extra damage to shelters/structures AND leaving your shelter opens it up for attack/more damage.

– covering all the angles (please let me know if there is something i have missed):

– preventing unfair advantages: depending on difficulty, high level players will be unable to join lower level players on these missions. difficulty will be based on power level so that PL 90 cannot join PL 20.

– preventing sabotage: you will be unable to damage/edit the enemy squad's structures, unable to rez/heal enemy squads (in case you use something like adrenaline rush near the enemy, it won't apply to the enemy squad), nor will you be able to damage them.

– deciding teams as well as who you will be facing off against: you will be matched with teammates who will be based on your power level within a certain range. this will also go for who you will be facing off against.

– crafting weapons: someone in stonewood would not be able to crafter a level 106 weapon. therefore, that 106 weapon would be unusable for this mission. any weapon, trap, or whatever else, MUST BE CRAFTED IN MISSION!! ——does not include crap like duct tape or blast powder

– building health: building health will be set for all mission types based on PL difficulty

– team comps: using a constructor provides an extra benefit: teams will be able to use any hero they choose, for example: more than 2 constructors at a time

– hero damage dealt: counts for absolutely nothing towards *winning the actual mission*. however, it does count for the final lootbox given to your team at the end of the game. keep in mind, dealing damage is still in your favor so that you can protect the shelter because any damage that shelter takes counts against your team's totals towards winning the mission.

– time limits: you get 6 minutes to do everything you need to do to get ready for the mission. this includes all building, crafting, saving survivors/hordes/encampments. the timer does not start until everyone has loaded into the game. you guys have the option of splitting up your team into groups; one for building, one for finding survivors, and one for dealing with encampments/hordes and get boosts. once the 6 minutes is up, it will be time to defend the shelter for 5 minutes. HOWEVER, you will be allowed to continue to get boosts/survivors/encampments/hordes throughout those 5 minutes, but you will be risking your shelter's defense, as you won't be there to help defend it.


THE PART YOU'VE ALL BEEN WONDERING ABOUT!!!! what are the rewards? why bother using the mats???

rewards: there will be two sets of rewards: 1st and 2nd place. 1st place will be determined by which team's shelter took the least amount of damage, how many survivors were saved, and how many hordes/encampments/boosts that team obtained.

1st place: 4x perk ups, rain, re perk, rain, specialty/rare weapon schematics/heroes/defenders/survivors (mythics specifically) ABSOLUTELY NO AMP UP/FIRE UP/FROST UP!!! EVER!!

2nd place: 2x perk ups, rain, re perk, rain, specialty/rare weapon schematics/heroes/defenders/survivors (legendaries specifically) ABSOLUTELY NO AMP UP/FIRE UP/FROST UP!!! EVER!!

BOTH TEAMS: get any regular mission alerts, drops from specialty husks that can include weapon/evolution caches, and the final lootbox or chest at the end of the mission. even though each team will get a chest, the level of chest given to each team is determined by how much damage your team dealt throughout the mission, as well as everything else that already goes into it, i.e. building, utility, etc.

HERE'S THE CATCH: each person on your team has to do an X amount of damage in order to qualify for anything better than a level 2 chest. The X amount of damage will be determined by power level and map (Canny, Plank, Twine, etc). This is to prevent AFKers and to ensure full participation from each of the four teammates and also why defenders are not allowed. because these missions provide so much benefit, they can only be completed twice a week. which also means, you only get two chances to win.

so… what do you guys think?

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