Suggestion: New ‘Reputation’ Based System for StW

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Clearly there's been a LOT of people up in arms about the massive influx of players who are griefing, intentionally sabotaging missions, holding missions 'hostage' while demanding materials, full on AFKing or leeching, etc.

As a long time Paragon player, I have to say that EPIC had running on Paragon was nearly flawless. >

The below text is taken from Epic Games 'Paragon Support Centre'.

"Choose how you would like to rate the player in the resulting menu. You can use this menu to report negative behavior or applaud positive behavior.

The available rating options are as follows:

Abused Communication, Abandoned Team, Intentionally Sabotaged, Cheated, Mismatched.

Morale Booster, Team Player, Teacher, Strategist, Pro."

Honestly, if you guys brought this system over to Save the World it would be a huge help in alleviating some of the frustration with not even being capable of marking serial offenders for others to avoid in the future.

I even suggest making your 'Player Rating' a thing that can be viewed by other parties in the pre-game lobby. I know that there's a small potential for this to be abused (false negative reports) but honestly it's not like you're going to have 3 people every mission reporting you when you were ACTUALLY participating and sharing in the mission responsibilities without abusing communications. Sure it may happen on occasion, but the likelihood even then is quite low. In my honest opinion, I think having a view-able player rating would help people stop being disrespectful in the chat/afking missions/etc. because they will know that other's can see a reflection of their overall behaviour.

Now I'm not suggesting 1 or 2 or even 3 downvotes should affect your rating much at all – especially if they are very drastically skewed towards player upvotes. But when certain players are getting 10-20+ downvotes in a matter of 24-48 hours, you should know to look into their behaviour. I would suggest that the first 10-20 times you receive a rating, that these ratings are used to get an average. After that point, the system would continue as normal. The reason I suggest this is so that nobody gets unlucky enough to be wrongfully downvoted on their first game or two, forever dooming them to be seen as a player with little to no reputation (if not negative reputation).

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And again, just like Paragon you guys actually did this! I remember reporting somebody post-game for abusing communications after they made racist remarks about another player and then told me to kill myself… and a week later I received a pop-up on login that said;


"We've recently taken action against a player that you reported for inappropriate behaviour. Thanks for helping to keep Paragon a fun, friendly, and inclusive community!"

You could go as far as to offer unlockable Icon's for reaching certain Tier's of the reputation system or for having received a large number of upvotes for a specific behaviour (a graduation hat icon for someone who receives 'teacher' 100 times?)

Now, if someone is perpetually displaying negative behaviours – I believe after a certain threshold (x%?) they should have their icon set to a warning sign that clearly identifies that they are a serial offender. Players in-game should be given the option to 'vote to kick' players who enter their game who have the warning sign icon.

Outside of the obvious reasons that this reputation system would allow you to avoid potential serial offenders before having to engage with them at all – it doesn't address what happens when somebody joins mid-mission and begins to misbehave or not participate. Using the reputation system, players could be more likely to match with players of a similar reputation level.

Technically, this means that offenders will be more likely to match with other offenders, and team players will be more likely to match with other team players. This system would still allow offenders to come back out of the red so to speak if they finally have seen the error of their ways. They can simply choose to begin playing properly together and learn what teamwork is in order to rack up enough positive ratings to bring themselves out of the red.

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Vote to Kick is dangerous, and it's why I think it should only be allowed as an option when a player who is marked as a serial offender enters your mission. I believe this to be entirely fair – 1 rotten apple should NEVER be allowed to spoil the bunch.

And as a side-note, a MUCH simpler way to reign in on the ill behaviour of some of these players is thus;

Make mission rewards reflect personal mission scores.

Honestly, if I were a leecher/afk/etc, and I knew I was barely going to get anything out of this mission if I don't help out I'd either start helping out or stop bothering to join matches just to AFK. It's all about supply and demand… the leeches demand free st00f, and you keep supplying it (at the expense of the legitimate players materials/time/effort). Cut them off, and the leeches will stop suckling.

edit: Anyone kind enough to format this a bit? Looked fine when typing it up on my phone but it just came out as an ugly wall of text.

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