SUGGESTION: Possible Mini-gun and Lefty Righty changes

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - SUGGESTION: Possible Mini-gun and Lefty Righty changes

These two abilities can be awkward to use. They're good, but when you only used the ability for a tiny bit or accidentally activated it can be a bit annoying having wasted it. here are some suggestions I think should be made to the abilities

I will be referring to the abilities as M-gun and L+R


  • M-gun and L+R should be an ability you can toggle
  • M-gun and L+R should no longer rely on normal recharge times (the whole ability) and instead focus a recharge time per bullet. (only recharges while the ability is inactive)
  • With the activation of the abilities now being a toggle, M-gun and L+R should act more like their BR gun counter-parts. you can pull them out whenever you want as long as they have ammo which generates over time
  • Instead of immediately draining 50 energy; While the ability is active, it drains energy periodically
  • Movement speed nerf should be removed while not firing or using secondary
  • the zoomed in shoulder view should also be removed


  • Holding down the secondary fire should no longer aim down sights, but instead rev up the mini-gun allowing it to be ready at a moments notice.
  • Bullets should regenerate 2 bullet every 2 seconds
  • Energy should drain 2 per 1.5 seconds (a mini-gun would be heavy)
  • No perks: 500 bullets
  • Perks: 750 bullets


  • Holding down the primary fire should automatically fire the pistols
  • L+R bullets should be doing more Damage than M-gun overall
  • Bullets should regenerate 1 bullet every 3 seconds
  • Energy should drain 1 per 3 seconds (pistols are light compared to mini-guns)
  • No perks: 40 bullets
  • Perks: 60 bullets
  • Bullet ricochet should be a feature that comes with all variants of L+R

Side note: L+R has a lot of potential as an ability. currently we only have two different version of L+R, one with quick fire pistols and another with Space invaders. There are so many possibilities, imagine a L+R with Smgs or Bald eagles, maybe even shotguns who knows?

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Although I've marked this post as a "suggestion", I would also like to treat this post as a Discussion. So please, i would love to see other peoples ideas

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