Suggestion: Remove Elemental weapon perks. Add unlockable Elemental slot on all schematics.

index - Suggestion: Remove Elemental weapon perks. Add unlockable Elemental slot on all schematics.

Let's face it, the game eventually gets to a point where not having an element on your weapon is a bummer. Players in mid-Canny and higher know that whenever you receive a new schematic, the first thing you look for is whether there's an element or not. If not, in the trash pile it goes. The elemental resistance system is punishing and while there are situations where non-elemental is fine, the bulk of the end game will tell you otherwise. This means the majority of our schematics end up being a waste and it's just not a fun situation. Just look at today's Hacksaw, for example. Cool weapon, but no one wants to take this thing to Twine. This is a problem.

Here's what I propose:

  • Remove elemental perks from the perk pool.

  • Create a new dedicated slot (not a weapon perk slot) for element choice that unlocks at level 30 on all schematics, even damage traps.

  • When the slot unlocks, you have the choice to manually select which element you would like to apply to your schematic. The choice is permanent, similar to choosing between Obsidian and Shadowshard at 4*. If you wish, you don't have to choose an element at all and the slot would remain open if you want to choose later (or never).

  • Schematics with existing elements: The element choice is automatically filled in and the weapon perk slot is replaced with +10% damage or +10% damage w/affliction, whichever was on the schematic. Current traps with element will be locked in as well, aka no water damage on Flame Trap.

  • A design choice would need to be made whether double element schematics is still going to be a thing, in this case, existing weapons will have the second element in the 'element slot' and the inherent element will still be there in description text.

Shifting to this system will allow all your perks to be dedicated to improving the weapon in a specific manner instead of just checking off a mandatory YES or NO box. If there is a concern that this would make the game easier, then perhaps scale all enemy hp up 5-10% along with this change. Or if we want to make things tedious, create a new resource (like evo mats) that are necessary to make that elemental choice at level 30. Either way, I feel like this is a pretty straightforward solution to a problem the makes the game less fun.

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