(Suggestion Saturday) Random changes that I want

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - (Suggestion Saturday) Random changes that I want

Ice King

  1. Bull Rush is replaced by the Infinity Blade: Equip the mythic Infinity Blade for a base duration of
    15 seconds. An additional 2 seconds are added each time you evolve the Ice King, for a total
    duration of 23 seconds when the Ice King is at level 50. Superchargers can increase this duration
    as well.

Ice King with the Infinity Blade

When you swing the Blade, every enemy within a 1.5 tile radius is frozen, excluding Smashers.
The leap attack (right click for PC users) will freeze every enemy within a 2.5 tile radius upon
landing, including Smashers, with a cooldown of 3 seconds between leap attacks. The Infinity
Blade will deal 3x the damage of the Storm King's Ravager per swing, with a 50% reduction for
the leap attack, and it will swing at the same speed as it does in BR/Creative. An animation should
play when activating this ability that resembles this trailer from 2018:

What I'm referring to specifically is at 0:07

  1. ROSIE (when Ice King is in the lead) has the Indigo Ice wrap applied to it.

  2. Decoy places a snowman instead of the default decoy.

Smoke Grenade Change

  • The Smoke Grenade ability adds a similar effect as the Shadow Bomb from BR on top of the smoke cloud, turning you into a shadow and allowing you to wall-jump for a short time.

Campaign Heroes

  • This includes Archetype Havoc, Buckshot Raptor, Liteshow Spitfire, Conqueror Magnus, Dark Vanguard Airheart, Forged Fate, Overtaker Hiro, Valkyrie Rio, and Venture Ramirez.
  • These heroes can be researched with Legendary Flux and Hero Recruitment Vouchers after obtaining them for the first time.

The Campaign Heroes

Founder's Weapons and Heroes

  • Founder's items have their own pages in the Collection Book. Under the "Outlanders", "Explosive Weapons", and "Hardware" pages of the book, there are "Founder's Heroes", "Founder's Ranged Weapons", and "Founder's Melee Weapons" pages respectively.

Riot Shields

Riot Huskys can drop their riot shields when stunned or knocked back, and can be picked up and used. When the shield is in your possession, it blocks all attacks that are in front of you, you can push enemies around with your Fire button (excluding mist monsters), your movement speed is decreased to 80% and you can drop the shield by pressing the same button you use to ADS/Scope in/Heavy attack.


Utility Items (No Perks)

  1. Grappler – Rare rarity schematic, range of 4,000, 50 uses. Costs 5 twine, 5 mechanical parts, and 1 adhesive resin to craft. Variants such as the Hook Grappler, Claw Grappler, and Dual Grapplers can be unlocked by using the normal Grappler 100, 500, and 1,000 times respectively.
  2. Hook Grappler Epic rarity schematic. The Hook Grappler moves you to the target surface 25% faster.
  3. Claw Grappler – Epic rarity schematic. The Claw Grappler keeps the Hook Grappler's bonus and allows you to hang from the target surface. You can move up or down using the forward and backward movement keys, with a maximum of 1.5 tiles of downward movement.
  4. Dual Grapplers – Legendary rarity schematic. Crafting cost is only increased on the Dual Grapplers, and is increased by 1.5x. The Dual Grapplers keep all of the bonuses of the past two Grappler variants, with the addition of being able to stick to a surface and grapple onto another surface without having to let go of the original surface.
  5. Harpoon Gun – Rare, Epic, and Legendary schematics. Deals as much damage as 3 pickaxe swings, with a 1.2x and 1.4x multiplier for the Epic and Legendary versions, respectively. Costs 3 rough ore, 2 malachite ore, 2 mechanical parts, and 2 pieces of twine to craft, with a range of 2,000 and 25 uses. Pulls enemies towards you, but only the Legendary version can pull Smashers, and even then it can't pull them upwards.
  6. Jetpack – Epic and Legendary schematics. Allows you to fly. Flight time of 10 seconds, recharge time of 5 seconds, burns 100 fuel during the 10 second flight time, and has a total fuel reserve of 2400 (Epic) and 3600 (Legendary). You can hover mid-air by pressing the same button you would press to ADS/scope in.
  7. Witch Broom – Legendary Fortnitemares schematic. Functions identically to the Witch Broom in BR, with the exception of cancelling fall damage and infinite uses. Costs 5 twine and 2 planks to craft, and has 5 uses before breaking.
  8. Clinger – Rare schematic. Costs 5 explosive powder and 10 metal for a bundle of 3. Deals as much damage as a grenade launched from a Thumper of the same rarity, and has the same behavior as it does in BR.
  9. Stink Bomb – Rare schematic. Costs 3 explosive powder, 2 fibrous herbs, and 10 metal for a bundle of 2. Behaves the same as it does in BR, with the exception of doing 2/3 the damage of a Ceiling Gas Trap of the same rarity and level.
  10. Dynamite – Rare Pirate schematic. Costs 5 explosive powder, 3 twine, and 2 planks to craft a bundle of 5. Behaves the same as it does in BR, with the exception of doing 3/4 the damage of a Soldier's grenade ability.
  11. Shield Bubble – Rare Sci-Fi schematic. Costs 4 active powercells, 2 duct tape, 25 metal, and 5 mechanical parts to craft one. Creates a spherical shield with a diameter of 3 tiles, blocks all ranged attacks for 20 seconds, and takes 0.5 seconds to deploy.
  12. Remote Explosives – Rare Spy schematic. Costs 1 active powercell, 10 nuts & bolts, 3 explosive powder, and 5 planks for a bundle of 3. Behaves as it does in BR, with the exception of each explosive detonating 50% quicker and each explosive does as much damage as an Epic Bazooka of the same level.
  13. Boogie Bomb – Rare Boombox schematic. Costs 1 active powercell, 10 nuts & bolts, 1 explosive powder, and 10 metal to craft a bundle of 2. Functions as it does in BR, but it can't affect Mist Monsters.
  14. Mythic Goldfish – Cannot be crafted. Has a 0.01% chance of appearing from searchable containers, and it stays in your inventory even after the mission has ended. Appears in the Collection Book as "???" under the new Utility section, is revealed to be the Mythic Goldfish after obtaining it at least once, and cannot be researched at all. The Mythic Goldfish will one-shot any enemy in the game, excluding the Storm King, to which the Goldfish will only remove 25% of the King's health.

All Utility items will be under a new "Utility Items" section in the collection book, right under the "Melee Weapons" section. They will be divided into a Mobility page (Grappler, Jetpack, Harpoon Gun, and Witch Broom), a Explosive page (Clinger, Stink, Dynamite, Remote Explosives), and a Throwable page (Mythic Goldfish, Boogie Bomb, Shield).


  • Shield Potion – Bought from the item shop for 200 gold, and restores 50% of your shield.
  • Mini Shield Potion – Bought from the item shop for 100 gold, and restores 25% of your shield to a maximum of 75%.
  • Bandages – Bought from the item shop for 50 gold, restores 15% of your health to a maximum of 75%.
  • Medkit – Bought from the item shop for 200 gold, fully restores your health.
  • Apples, Bananas, Cabbages, Corn, Peppers, and Mushrooms can be found in grocery boxes that spawn inside kitchens and survivor shelters.

Lightsabers reskinned as the Vindertech Slicer Mark II

  • Mythic schematic, earned after completing all main campaign quests up to the end of Canny Valley.
  • Has the same behavior as the Lightsabers from BR, with a stamina gauge that limits the amount of attacks you can block (up to 50 without resting). This stamina gauge should function the same as the heat gauge on weapons that overheat, and it should reset after 3 seconds of not using the sword at all.
  • Base damage is the average damage per swing from the BR Lightsabers multiplied by 4.
  • Has a durability of 400, and has the same crafting costs as the normal Vindertech Slicer.
  • The blade can be retracted and extended with the Interact button.

Available Perks for the Vindertech Slicer Mark II

  1. Crit Rating, Crit Damage, Damage, Stamina
  2. Damage, Crit Damage, Stamina
  3. Crit Rating, Damage, Damage to Mist Monsters and Bosses, Stamina
  4. Element: Energy
  5. Affliction damage, crit explosion, eliminations increase speed, eliminations increase damage, eliminations increase stamina
  6. Color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black), Selected color is also shown where the perk's rarity would usually be, and the blade's center is white with the selected color glow around it, except for black, which has a black center and a white glow around it.

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