Suggestion Saturday submission (though I know it’ll never happen)

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Suggestion Saturday submission (though I know it'll never happen)


  • Option to stop the minimap from rotating
  • Make the minimap actually show something instead of a black void
  • No map fog on Storm Shields
  • Nicknames for Storm Shield Amplifiers
  • Elimination counter beneath the minimap
  • Elimination feed, displays only long-distance eliminations, miniboss eliminations, mist monster eliminations, and player eliminations
  • Badge progress displayed on the right side of the screen
  • Centered and longer health/shield/energy bars


  • Warmonger: Epic/Legendary AR, E/L Heavy AR model & sfx from BR/Creative, fire rate slightly faster than the Pain Train and slightly higher base damage, same reload time as the Grave Digger. Available perks should allow for FR/DMG and Crit builds, Spy Weapons set.
  • Dispatcher: Common/Uncommon/Rare AR, C/U/R Heavy AR from BR/Creative model & sfx, same stats and available perks as the Warmonger (of course, damage and durability would scale to rarity). Spy Weapons set.
  • Willbreaker: Rare/Epic/Legendary AR, Tac AR model & sfx, similar stats to the Seigebreaker with the tradeoff of reduced bloom and damage for increased base fire rate. Same available perks as the Seigebreaker, Spy Weapons set.
  • Twinsplit: Epic/Legendary Busrt AR, E/L Burst AR model from BR/Creative, literally the step up from the Lynx Burst AR. Spy Weapons set.
  • Vindertech Capacitor: Epic/Legendary AR, Stark Energy Rifle reskin.
  • Vindertech Slicer MK17: Mythic sword, Lightsaber reskin. Obtained after finishing the Canny Valley questline, cannot be obtained any other way, but can be researched after obtaining it for the first time. Can be retracted and ignited with the Interact button.
  • Storm King's Executioner: Mythic sniper rifle (or bow), deals enough damage to one-shot a PL220 Smasher with a headshot but has a cooldown time of 20 seconds which cannot be modified, does not pierce through multiple targets, and is not affected by Farrah's perk.
  • All Bows and Crossbows formally moved to the Bow weapon class and forced to use Arrow ammo (1x twine, 1x metal, and 1x rough ore for a bundle of 25).

Mythic Rarity

  • Mythic items can get to lvl 60 and PL 144 without superchargers, and will supercharge up to PL 160. 6-star evolution costs 1.25x the evolution cost as a 5 star evolution. This is to emphasize the difference between Mythic and Legendary in the same way that the difference between Epic and Legendary is done.

In-Game Changes

  • Shopping Cart vehicle spawns in Suburb, City, and Industrial zones
  • Cannon vehicle spawns in Tropical zones
  • ATK vehicle spawns in Desert zones
  • I don't care if it breaks the Husk AI, let me crouch
  • Snowy Zones (retextured Autumn zones, water is replaced by slippery ice) used for possible Ventures or seasonally swapped in to replace another zone type


  • RTL, RTD, FTS, and any other mission where you're defending a timed objective shouldn't end when the timer gets to 0. When the timer reaches 0, significantly more husks than normal will spawn and your objective then is to finish them off. They'll target players exclusively, and if the husks succeed in knocking down all 4 players at once, the mission is counted as a success but your rewards are cut in half. Eliminating the last remaining husk will trigger a slow motion effect and Victory banner similar to what BR started doing in Season 5, but without the #1 and Royale.
  • You can vote to end missions like RTS, BTRG, and E&C early if you've completed the minimum requirements for success.
  • Missions that include a Storm safe zone (including the Storm King) use BR's Storm clouds and barrier with the only difference being that the barrier color is more purple than blue.

Hero Perk Ideas

Supercharged Commando: Raven's commander/support perk but for Goin' Commando.

Sentry Mode: Minigun during Goin' Commando takes a little bit longer to spin up, fires 1.25x faster, deals 1.5x more damage, but makes it noticeably more difficult to move both your character and the crosshair. In support, the damage buff is reduced to 1.2x and the movement speed change isn't applied.


MiniBoom: Goin' Commando's minigun fires explosive balls of energy at 1 shot/second instead of bullets, but while in support the explosives will fire at the same rate as Snowin' Commando's snowballs and do a little less damage.

Torpedo: Replaces the Frag Grenade with a torpedo that homes in on the target closest to your crosshair at high speed, as support the speed at which the torpedo travels is noticeably nerfed. Identical damage as the grenade, and is compatible with other grenade perks (cluster bomb would still send out 3 or 5 small grenades on impact).

Regeneration: Hitting a weak point with your pickaxe regenerates 15 energy over 1 second.

Speeeed: Consecutive weak point strikes increase pickaxe swing speed by 2.5% for 5 seconds each OR until you equip another item.

D.E.S.T.O.Y.: T.E.D.D.Y. fires explosives at a speed of 1 per second instead of bullets, targeting crowded centers of enemy groups.

Vacuum Tower: Shock Tower sends out 3 tendrils of the same yellow energy found in Vacuum Tube weapons, immobilizing all enemies it touches (able to jump to 3 other enemies from the initial 1) and dealing identical damage of a perk-less Vacuum Tube Sniper Rifle that's the same rarity and level as the hero who has this perk.

Rift Shift: Going through enemies with Phase Shift deals 50x more than AMC would.

Shadow Bomb: Triggers the same effect as the Shadow Bomb in BR/Creative at the same time that Smoke Bomb is used, so basically you'd fall slower and get a wall jump.

Card Trick: Replaces shurikens with playing cards and they're thrown quicker with 100% accuracy.


The Hoverboard is added to the Gadgets tab of the Upgrades page.

  • Lv 1 is the Hoverboard we have now
  • Lv 2 increases speed by 5%
  • Lv 3 adds a small rechargeable boost
  • Lv 4 allows you to charge a jump for more height
  • Lv 5 increases speed by 10%
  • Lv 6 (Max) is basically a model-swapped Driftboard that's easier to control on all fronts


Highest level increased to and capped at 100 with rewards that scale to the player's Homebase PL

Removal of PL and F.O.R.T. stats, or just lock everything at PL1 and F.O.R.T. stats to 1 or 0, just don't show either of the stats anywhere in-game.

No world map, make it a lobby with a mode selection similar to that of BR and have only certain missions such as FTS, RTL, E&C, and DTE always available, special campaign missions available as different playlists only available to people who are on that special mission, and LTMS that rotate in and out such as Solid Gold, High Explosives, Sniper Shootout, etc. and two season-long mission modifiers (one positive one negative).

Reset weapon inventory between games and keep weapon crafting disabled, but keep crafting materials and traps between games. This also means that chest spawns need to be significantly more than they are now, along with the addition of floor loot.

Since STW is already a "premium" experience, levelling up in Ventures will also grant cosmetics and STW items (ex. at Level 100 unlock both Keelhaul the outfit and Swashbuckler Keelhaul the ninja hero).

Vending Machines should take item shop gold and not be destroyed upon use, and the same item shop gold should be able to be used at repair benches to modify perks.

Ventures Modifier Ideas

  • Super Commando: All heroes in the hero loadout grant their commander perks regardless of placement
  • Turncoats: Downed players are insta-eliminated and join the Storm's team as an Epic Husk with no modifiers, and eliminating them while they're one of these Epic Husks will turn them back to the original team
  • One-Shot: All players are pinned at 1 HP and have a low gravity effect on them. Husklings, Beehives, and Zappers are disabled with this modifier.
  • Firing Squad: All husk spawns are Zappers, Pitchers, or Blasters

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