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TL;DR; New Stonewood questline mission (and part of an event quest line to ensure most people do it) that teaches the basics of effective trap tunnels.


I had a couple of frustrating games last night while I was playing my constructor main. I located the target, built a small but totally functional base and was just about to head out and build trap tunnels around the choke points and husk routes. However another player arrives (it’s usually a ninja) and proceeds to turn my perfectly adequate base into a huge fortress! I head out to start my kill tunnels, but the ninja then triggers the defence before I really even got started and proceeds to run to the spawn point and start hacking away at husks. His fortress barely survives all the attacks from the husks that get past him (and I spend a lot of mats shoring it up, doing running repairs and shooting!)

I don’t think the problem is deliberate on their part, just lack of game knowledge on the mechanics of husk pathing and traps. I think teaching this is something sorely missing from the early game tutorial quests: and it’s hurting mid-game play. My suggestion is therefore to add a new quest to the mid-Stonewood storyline that teaches trap play.

The new quest would also appear in an event questline to ensure most people who are already past mid-Stonewood would have to complete this tutorial. (Probably make it part of an event that rewards a choice of a good gun/sword so that those most in need of the knowledge are encouraged to complete it!). Anyway, details of the mission…


New mission to defend a prototype ‘Husk Attractor’ which is similar to an Altas defence (except no blueglo requirement). Mission can only succeed if the specified number of husks are killed by traps (not by ranged weapons, melee, abilities or gadgets).


Ray: "Commander, I’m getting reports from further away locations that there are so many husks they are struggling to kill them all with just guns and swords"

Ray: "However, a man named Kyle is apparently having great success killing them off using traps. I’ve enlisted his help to test our trap set ups."

Mission Start

The mission could spawn into a normal zone, but might be better in a special zone where the location of the defence and the husk paths are highly predictable.

Ray: "Right Commander. We’re going to defend a prototype Husk Attractor, but we want to try kill most of the husks using only traps."

Ray: "I’ve added a supply of traps to your inventory. These should be sufficient to test our trap skills. Go locate the Attractor and place it on the target…"

Inventory would be augmented with a sufficient number of traps at the correct level to ensure the mission will always succeed if they are placed correctly, but fail if they are misused. This also means players with limited trap schematics and materials can still complete the mission.


The Attractor will always be positioned on the centre of a 5×5 tile hill with just two slopes for getting up to it. This will in turn be on a 12×12 tile plateau with two slopes to get up to it as well. This will, in turn, be located on a wide plain where the husks spawn. Husks will therefore always path from the plain, up the slopes to the plateau and then up the slopes to the Attractor – very predictable!

On Finding and Placing the Attractor

Ray: "Good work! The Attractor is only a prototype and it’s not very powerful. We will only be able to place a small number of building pieces close to it before we block its effect."

Ray: "Go ahead Commander, build a small defence around the Attractor. You only have 9 building pieces available."

The top part of the hill where the Attractor is has a hard build limit of 9 pieces that can’t be exceeded. This is to encourage a simple Atlas-style build. Once all 9 pieces are placed…

Ray: "I’ve updated your mini map with the storm data."

Ray: "I’m not sure your base is going to last too long once the husks start attacking Commander."

Ray: "We’d better ask Kyle if he can help us with a plan to improve our defences."

For 1 or 2 players the storm will only spawn from one direction. For 3 or 4 players it will spawn from two. This means all players will need to use their traps and build cooperatively.

Main Build

Kyle: "Right, we’re going to need to work out how the husks are going to get up to the Attractor."

Kyle: "Try to work out which way they will walk through the level below the Attractor, and place your traps along their path."

Kyle: "Use walls to guide them but try not to block their route through the traps with walls – we WANT them to walk through the traps. Let’s build…"

Ray: "Activate the Attractor when you’re done building."

Defence Stage

Starts when the Attractor is activated…

Ray: "Let’s test out those traps. Remember you need to kill X husks with traps for the mission to succeed."

Kyle: "Best stay up by the Attractor and let the traps do their work. You can deal with any husks that make it through the traps as you see fit."

The spawns need to be fairly well balanced so most stuff dies to the traps but enough gets through so that impatient soldiers and ninjas have something to kill!

About half way through there’s a wave with Propane Husks…

Ray: "Oh no, husks carrying cans of explosive gas! That’s not going to be good for our traps…"

Kyle: "Just stay well back Commander. We don’t want those husks throwing their tanks and blowing up all our hard work. Let the traps take them out."

After X number of husks are killed by traps the defence ends.

Kyle: "Looks like our traps worked great."

Ray: "Yay for traps! Let’s go put our new found knowledge to the test Commander…."

Rewards: * A trap schematic * Some traps * Schematic XP

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