SUGGESTION: Tutorial Needs an Overhaul.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - SUGGESTION: Tutorial Needs an Overhaul.

Current Tutorial on Save the World are very lacking, and does not teach the basics of the game properly. new players are thrust too early to play with other players without gaining proper knowledge.

Suggestion: Overhaul the missions in Stonewood to cater to specifically teaching new players step-by-step on how to play the game.

How this works:

  1. The very first cinematic introductory mission shouldn't be changed. it is good as is to hook new players on the game.

  2. after the first introduction has concluded, the player should not directly be allowed to play online just yet – they should first complete through a series of three missions where they have to:

a. Learn to scavenge for materials around the map while running away from the husks (In-game lore will be that the player's weapon and trap fabricator broke after the introductory mission)

b. Defend against a couple waves of husks with only an almost-broken weapon, a couple of placeable floor spikes, only having a maximum allowed building material of 100 each, and a pre-built half-destroyed base with a small wall/ceiling traps already pre-installed. the base itself is not the defend objective, only the player has to survive the mission.

c. Defend against another wave of husks, but this time the player has access to the trap crafting system, but no weapon crafting system. the player can carry a total of 300 of each building materials, and they will also be supplied with a single-use Port-a-Fort (That will help create the most basic structure needed). in this mission, they will have to learn how to make use of all the materials they scavenged around the map

  1. After all of the three missions have been cleared, they will then be finally allowed to play with others. the first multiplayer mission that comes after that will be the Defend the Atlas mission, but with a small modification:
  • The only husks that spawn will be the normal and husky husks, but they will come in huge numbers. the storm will also act similarly to the Storm in Retrieve the Data (The area outside the base will be covered by the storm, dealing huge damage to any player). and in one minute before the end of the mission, one Smasher that are a bit higher levelled than the others would spawn, and everyone will have to defend against it.
  1. finally, after the first mission has concluded will then the players be able to access their first storm shield, and do their first storm shield defense. the SSD will also have to be tweaked a bit so that now they are not forced to build the base in a specific order, but only nudged that they needed to build something with a limited resource (they needed to learn through mistakes instead of hand-holding them.)

Once all of these are completed, the new player can then proceed with the rest of the original storyline, now bundled with enough knowledge on how to play the game.

Finally, I would also have to mention that most of the missions in Stonewood should be tweaked as well to make it much harder than before by increasing the amount of husks spawned, but limiting it to only one or two types of husks, with one Mist monsters added in during the final minutes of the mission. this will make the overall mission more engaging and not so easy you can just spawn-camp the husks.

In conclusion, These tutorials will slowly teach newcomers the ins-and-out of the game without falling down the pit of confusion, and I hope that this suggestion could somehow help in improving the quality of the game.

if not, then I hope that at least it might inspire other people who are interested in making a zombie defense game to make a better tutorial of their own.

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