Suggestions on how to improve Ventures/overall endgame with Superchargers

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Suggestions on how to improve Ventures/overall endgame with Superchargers

Thought I'd make this into its own post to hopefully spark some needed changes/hear other's opinions.


  • Introduce Daily & Weekly Quests for Ventures; since Ventures are going to be a permanent zone that rotates themes with each Season, bringing in new Daily & Weekly Quests that are exclusive to Venture Zones will not only give us more options to play but also help alleviate the grind for Venture XP. Have Dailies work in a similar manner to the standard Dailies but exclusive to complete in Venture Zones(ex. Eliminate 150 Husks with Pistols in a Venture Zone, Rescue 10 Survivors in a Venture Zone, Complete 3 missions in a Venture Zone, etc) while Weekly will follow the same as standard Weekly(ex. Complete 10 missions in a PLx+ Venture Zone). The rewards for Dailies will be a good chunk of Venture XP & Tickets while the reward for Weekly will consist of Venture XP+x1 of each Supercharger; this will make Superchargers much less of a time-gated resource & make endgame players actually feel like they're making progress with each week instead of having to wait 4 years to reach the supposed new PL cap.

  • Introduce new Repeatable Quests specific for Ventures; same as before, introduce simple quests that offer bits of Venture XP when completed. They can simply be recycled standard Repeatables such as Eliminate 50 Mist Monsters, Eliminate a Miniboss, etc; it's simple & it helps mitigate the tedious grind a bit more.

  • Remove Core RE-PERK!; Adding in a new unnecessary resource to bloat the game while also introducing many more options for 6th perks on weapons makes this new resource not only incredibly scarce but also near useless. Instead, remove the new resource altogether & allow us to freely change the 6th perk in exchange for a much larger amount of RE-PERK! instead(ex. 3,000-3,600 RE-PERK!). RE-PERK! is both neither a rare nor common resource to gain so I feel like it evens out a bit as well as allow Veterans to further experiment with their mass amounts of schematics they've accumulated. There are literally hundreds of weapon schematics in the game, restricting the ability to have freedom over their perks should not be a thing.

  • Add in a new alternative way to gain Supercharges aside from Ventures; Superchargers right now are in a really bad spot. Not only are they exclusive to earn by performing Venture missions, you require so much of the resource just to "max out" an item. This makes the game feel like a mobile gatcha game & that's really, really bad. Bring in Superchargers to the Weekly Store in exchange for Gold(preferably in a similar manner to how Flux is handled where you need 2 Weeks to evolve an Epic to Legendary) as well as offer them as a Venture-exclusive x4 mission reward. Maybe also for the Weekly Storm King mission.

  • Allow us to exchange Hero/Survivor/Schematic XP for Superchargers; many, MANY veteran players here are sitting atop millions, even billions of these XP that we can't scratch the surface even if we were to level up hundreds of heroes/survivors/schematics(as well as being restricted by the amount of Evo Mats we have). Instead of having these resources rot away forever, allow us to exchange a good chunk of them in exchange for the new Superchargers via Lar's Lab in the Research Tab(this tab is pretty much abandoned after getting everything maxed out so it would make use of it). This would make Superchargers less of a time-gated resource & make use of an already existing resource that isn't used as much.


  • Force players to play an Introduction mission when first playing Ventures; I've seen many players ask why their energy is always gone, why their PL is reset, or why they can't craft their weapons. Making a simple mission that explains the reasoning for this would help cut down on confusion.

  • Monitor the activity of Reports made in Ventures more & punish appropriately; since the beginning of Ventures, many would-be scammers noticed that Trading is no longer a thing in Ventures so they cannot target the ignorant masses/annoy their teammates with unwanted pestering. This, however, has made them more troublesome to deal with as now they've resorted to either AFK'ing the entire mission for their teammates to complete for their un-earned Venture XP or actively sabotage the defenses if they don't get what they want from other players. In just 3 days alone, I've had to report around 60 people already because they refuse to help or will edit walls for the husks to effortlessly attack the objective. This needs to be addressed immediately & punished accordingly.

  • Increase the base movement speed of everyone when in a Venture Zone OR Decrease the time required to summon the Hoverboard; with the absence of The Baron & lack of Energy for Phase Shift, moving around the new Venture Zones has proven to be very tedious with how sluggish the character moves. Adding this will make exploring the zone much less of a hassle.

I hope that covers most of the issues I have with the current state of Ventures & new resources. If you have any suggestions to add or criticisms, I'm open for discussion.

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