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Hey, I just want to adress a few things that I came across while playing the pig out of this game the last 53 Days.


Yes, we all are aware that this is some kind of Problem, especially with scamming and whining kids. While I do not support trading for guns you cannot use to their fullest anywaay, I do support the idea of trading for materials. This is what I wish to be in the game:

An automated market-like platform that is built kind of like's currency page. This is a perfect example of how "currencies" can be traded in an effective and efficient way. Just make it another category in the menu.

You can then put up stuff from your Stormshield storage up for trade at specified ratios for specified resources you want.

The other way around you can actively SEARCH for offers and see other's demands for your desired material and eventually trade it.


Taxi Services/Underleveled Players

No. Just no. Who likes heavily underlevelled LRJs in his match? Guessed it. Here's my take on how to fix this issue:

You can enter a zone (alone) as long as you fulfill one of two requirements:

PlayerPL+20% >= Recommended PL of Target Zone

PlayerQuestProgress >= Target Zone

As for taxi stuff:

As soon as the party leader (cabdriver) leaves the mission, the above options will have a check on the remaining players of his party. If not fulfilled: kick.

Alternative by

There is no TL;DR. Thanks for reading <3

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