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Not as active as you'd like? Feel you might have missed some stuff here and there? No worries! Summary Saturday is here to fill you in on what you missed. Don't forget to check out this weekend's LFG Thread too!

4.3 Information (patch notes)

The Blockbuster quest line was extended to part 2 which /u/heyyyfelicia went ahead and documented for us in this thread! It covers everywhere you need to go and what you need to do for every quest in 4.3! Be careful though in "Test the Suit" as /u/Sran92 pointed out in this PSA, you need to let the suit get damaged first before you should fully build a structure around it!

We got the Carbide skin as a hero in STW and he's pretty cool! As /u/Sran92 points out, he also upgrades his suit with evolution! We also got the port-a-fort and well… its the same as BR ???! Epic put out the Free Loot Llamas as it was the last day of the month and some now-removed posts on the sub were freaked out as they neglected to read past the second line in the Patch Notes.

Useful / Important Information

  • /u/chirdman summarizes /u/LateOnMemes's post on Chest Reward Progression! Check it out here!

  • /u/Wezdor did the hard work and found us a bunch of teddy locations for that nearly impossible to complete Daily Mission in his thread here!

  • PSA: Please use water and fire to PERMANENTLY kill Chrome Husks, important info for the confused jonesy on my team every game -_-

Epic Tracker (wiki of past categorized Epic posts)

Blockbuster Event

Blockbuster Llama Hero Drop Rate 4

Magyst: "We ran different variations of test by opening different quantities of llamas and the drop rates have not been changed. However, keep in mind that this event does not include uncommon, rare, or epic variants of these heroes which makes it seem harder to get the exact hero you want. We've seen a lot of feedback around this and will note it for future events."


Founders Weapons / Static Weapons Recombobulatable in 4.4?

PoppinFreshDoze: "Aye"


4th Weapon Slot / Are BR players popular on Twitter the only way to bring about change?

Magyst: "Definitely not the way to get things changed. We monitor feedback and have made quite a few changes based on sentiment from the community. The development team is aware that this is something players are asking for.. however, we do not have any additional information to share regarding this at the moment and can't make any promises that this will be added.

EDIT: To clarify.. I monitor the feedback given on all social channels 100% of the time. The feedback monitored is documented and presented to the development team."

Global Chat

Disabling Global Chat as an option

Magyst: "While this isn't a way to directly address trading.. it will at least allow you to hide the global chat when players are spamming."

Why not just punish people who spam about trading?


Magyst: "Telling people to not talk about trading wouldn't address the issue as they would still do it in global chat. As it stands, trade conversations heavily drown out any sort of group searching chat. We're fully aware that this is an issue and the disabling of global chat is a short term fix until we are able to implement a better / more refined feature."


No Free Vbucks PSA?

Magyst: "It's true! There is no such thing as a free v-buck ladies and gentlemen. Please be safe and don't share your personal information with anyone!"

Confirmation Screen for Free Llamas but not paid?

Magyst: "I understand where you are coming from. That prompt only pops up when your are purchasing multiple llamas at once rather than single purchases. I've seen a few post about accidental purchases and agree that we need to have a better way to prevent them."


Why don't you ever address things that are important to the community at large instead of loading screens?

Magyst: "The incorrect loading screen has actually been a bigger issue with the STW community than you may realize. This may not be a priority to you.. but it is a HUGE priority to others.

Regarding bigger feature comments.. developing features takes quite a bit of time and it has several moving parts that are subject to change at any point in time. The reason we haven't made any high detailed comments on things like player reporting and afking, taxi service, and trading is because we don't have any information that we're willing to share at the moment. When we have those features in a comfortable spot.. we will share detailed information about them."

Real Money Transactions

Magyst: "This is definitely something that is against our TOS. We do action these particular sites as we see them pop up. Feel free to send me proof of these sites and I will have send it to the necessary groups."

Designated /u/Whitesushii Section

I cannot do his posts justice for the work put in so please just go read them if you're at all interested in the numbers involved behind Fortnite.

  • Finalized Perks Combination Calculator – solid way for those in the community who want to / enjoy min-maxing to the highest level!

  • A real comparison between the level 25 perks – tl;dr %damage after 5 headshots > affliction / snare > impact > the rest. Personally, I like affliction more than snare

High Quality Memes / Shitposts

This section reserved for things that sub mods linked in Discord to make each other laugh.

  • "The defender AI needs some work guys." by /u/thelonegoldfish
  • "Epic, you leave me no choice for Horde Bash" by /u/Alpacabou
  • "Laziness 101" by /u/Brazuka_txt
  • "The Dangers of Random Public Missions Part 2" by /u/jbronin
  • "Made a racetrack for the end screen" by /u/hum7a
  • "The real reason why everyone is not getting all the PERK-ups in the world." by /u/Ridentlor

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