Super Shielders – ways to kill- suggestions on how to kill

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I got a bit bored running under shields shooting them or stabbing them soooo I wrote down a few things that worked – if you got more I'm interested to see them or if you tried things that didn't work post them to so we can avoid them


obliterator can go through shield – however its better to head shot a husk as the explosion kills the shielder killing 2 husk 1 shot and they don't bob and weave like the shielder does

neon rifle works to

u can launch egg launcher grenades in front of shield then when it goes under the shield it will detonate killing it

also the dragon sniper rifle fire the bullet ahead of the shield it explodes inside it since they are like little fire crackers

I've seen people try to use the inferno launcher firing in front of them so the flame goes under the shield – taller husks sometimes make them to high up to hit with it the flames though but still hits the husks under it

the roman candles work but it is a bit hard to set up – if you use a weapon that can spawn candles and kill a enemy in the path of them they will go under the shield killing the stuff inside – but you really need a decent number of husks in front of shield bubble to do this

I did test to see if pierce guns go through using the dragon rifle and bolt bolt but neither went through so think only the ones that can pass through walls will work

skills (since you might not have guns or items)

I'm not 100% sure on this but when I was using a decoy with the shock field I'm pretty sure I also saw it hurt things under it before the shield reached it but only saw it a split second before the husk walked over the decoy and once inside it did kill it

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outlanders tesla and the pulse bomb of the constructor also will go under shield and moment it does it kills the husks inside

cluster grenades if you toss them in front of the bubble the first explosion will go off then the shield goes over it and the clusters pop up inside the bubble but does take practice to land it just outside the bubble I'm pretty sure though if you hit the bubble along the front it would still get a few inside

the keep out field also goes under it BUT only if tossed to hit the shield at the lvl of the shielder or when attached to shorter husks – it will however still kill husks inside if it hits the ground in front of it

air strike works so long as the bomb hits the ground inside the shield but generally they do enough damage to crack them open either way

if you know which husk is being attached to you can bull rush with constructors the one then he will follow you and the husk your pushing – or can just push a blaster or such out of the bubble

I'm sure this is obvious but ninjas poison gas works on them – make a kill tunnel have ninja run inside drop gas in front to kill the shielders then the rest die to traps – makes the poison ninjas with gas cool downs / longer gas duration a bit more useful….. a bit more…..

land mine gadget would probably work as well but haven't tested

hopefully this will give people a few extra options – this is what you can learn when you don't trade people! or are really bored and why I should never be left alone without supervision!

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