Super Shredder and T.E.D.D. Shot Jess

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Super Shredder and T.E.D.D. Shot Jess

I think it's easy to agree that the Super Shredder is the best weapon for TShot Jess. It will take advantage of her sniper fire rate and reload rate skills very nicely and the SS has open sights which makes it infinitely more useful in more situations. You can acquire targets as quickly as you need to for general use, besides just long range sniping.

For general use, by any other class, I'd argue that fire rate is the best first perk for practical use, regardless of what the calculators say. It allows you to react to situations better (and adds dps) (Unless your building it as a mist monster smasher and going for a crit build). However, for TS Jess, the first perk is better as +damage since her skill gives fire rate buff enough (not crit rate, more on this later).

Similarly, the second perk is best as +mag size for TS Jess, where it could otherwise be argued that reload speed could be better for everyone else. Again, her skill helps with reload.

Third Perk? A lot of people run physical damage on their third perk and use it as a mist monster smasher. But for TS Jess, this is her workhorse weapon for all enemies. If you can afford multiple SSs, pick individual elements. If you can't, i'd go energy on one fully parked weapon until your can get individual element varieties.

Fourth perk? There's lots of options for use by other classes but for TS Jess, you want head shot damage. You should be aiming for the head at all times, trying to generate fragments that reduce the cooldown on your TEDDY.


Fifth & Sixth perks? Go for Snare damage and snare. Here's my thinking. You're going to be one shotting all the trash; therefore, any debuff is useless/lost and you're not going to get the +damage on the next shot cuz that target is already dead and you've moved on to the next target. Snare will slow the target down, who is going to be coming for you after that first shot, and it'll give you time to line up that second+ headshot with the +damage buff. Them being slowed only makes aiming easier as well.

Read:  Patch notes for stw (text version)

Other thoughts on TS Jess?

Run UAH in support for +headshot damage. Remember this is your workhorse weapon. A crit build isn't ideal as you're reducing your average shot damage, and since you're using it all the time, crits will be overkill most of the time.

Run Carbide or Spitfire for the +5 sec TEDDY uptime in tactical.

Equipment? Adrenaline rush and hover turrets. Turrets are just too strong to ignore vs. Slow field. Turrets are also a great oh shit button.

Other weapons?

There are a lot options here. LMG hose gun with a big mag, just in case; a Zapotron for boosted long range headshots; Tsunami for the knockback lolz on smashers (or some other traditional sniper). But i'll say this, pack one oh shit weapon for when things hit the fan and AC is down, TEDDY is down, can't phase to safety. Pack an aoe something. Rocket launcher or zap zapp, etc.

And one thing TS Jess has over UAH? UAH doesn't have a TEDDY to hide behind. 🙂 Which leads to another good point with TS Jess. Sniping from a high perch gives you a great field of view but its harder to hit headshots from above on moving targets. It's far easier to keep your aim at head level (or just above, with a super shredder) when you're at even level with the husks (and you can work from behind your TEDDY).

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