“Surveillance Camera” Concept!

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - "Surveillance Camera" Concept!

Yup, It's a camera.

Okay, RaY. Let me explain in detail.

Why would I actually need a Camera in a Trap Tunnel?

A lot of people (me included) like to build trap tunnels with a lot of rooms and/or make the husks take long paths and not even shoot a single bullet. Just watching and letting the traps do all the work.

I specifically (I don't know if anyone else too) like to enter inside the tunnels and watch all enemies take damage and slowly die to all the traps in the tunnel. I LIKE TO WATCH THEM SUFFER.

I don't like being outside the tunnels and watch some numbers and a health bar emptying and.. dissapearing… Well, I like that AND watching the husks die.

But being inside the tunnel with all the husks, smashers and propane huskies is dangerous. Specially in higher Power Level zones.


To add a little bit of a consequence of having a camera on a tunnel, husks could damage it and temporarily disable it/destroy it so you have to go back in the tunnel and repair it/place another one.

There would be a specific Husky that wants to destroy the camera so you can't use the camera anymore, but the idea is not having all the husks focus on that specific camera. The point is for them to follow the tunnel we made.

Alternatively, since you can walk, shoot and jump (do everything basically) we could use this camera to record our gameplay or sketches in real-time since I don't think we'll get a replay mode like BR has. A player could pick up camera and record you also.

TL;DR It's a camera to spy on husks or record cinematics inside the game. Similar to BR's replay mode but in real-time.

Is THIS a good idea?

Is THIS a bad idea?

Is there anything that can be changed?

Am I going crazy? Why do I suggest adding a camera to this game!?

Thanks, and have fun.

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