Survivors bonuses and more personalization.(spiky wall of text)

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Survivors bonuses and more personalization.(spiky wall of text)

Currently the only impactful survivor bonus is trap durability. And you need a lot of specific survivors to max it out. Why does it have to be that way?

These survivor squads will be more important then hero squads in defining your playstyle, but wont lock you from using different loadouts. They mainly increase the resource efficiency, but that doesn’t mean that none of them just increase your teams damage potential, in a unique way.

Remove the current survivor bonuses and personalities. Current survivors will be converted in such way that will benefit all players, if the survivor is slotted with a leader and they match – he is going to match with that job after the update.

Give survivors “preferred jobs” and large bonuses if they are matching with the leaders

Different squads have different roles/play-styles bound to them. For example –

Think tank: heavy trapper playstyle . Suggested perks – “trap resource efficiency (durability).”, “returns the non broken traps to your inventory but with full durability(in a good way, they practically repair themselves)“

Fire team alpha :Ranged fighter playstyle. Suggested perks – “hitting an enemy with a ranged weapon increases damage dealt to that enemy by teamates ” . “Weapons take less damage when shooting” .

EMT squad : Practically unkillable playstyle. Suggested perk – “You can revive yourself indefinitely, and faster”. “Regeneration traps are indestructible”.

Scouting party : speedrunner playstyle . Suggested perks : “mission are finished quicker”, “objective is spotted instantly “


Gadgeteers : ability playstyle. Suggested perk – “ability perks are now much more effective” . “You can pick up a charge fragment even if you are not a outlander, and it will reduce your ability coldowns by a percentage(capped)” .

Close assault squad: melee role. Suggested perk – same as “fire team alpha” but for melee.

Corps of engineering: renamed to “construction squad”, wall builders . Suggested perk : “faster building”, “ lower cost walls”

Training team : idk.

You can use only 2 squads perks at a time, but all squads levels matter for your power level. These perks that I suggested are leader perks, which are different on different leaders.

The perks that i am suggesting are only concepts, and they are likely not perfect. These perks dont do much on their own ( like assault damage or any other direct damage hero perk) but they help you in quality of life or other ways.

Survivors themselves (not leaders) now are even easier to understand. All they have is a “preferred job”, which is just a personality but for squad types(aka EMT squad, training team). Even auto fill will know how to slot them correctly. Although some specific survivors (current mythic and event survivors) can have more then one “preferred job”. All survivors have two purposes- boost your power level and boost the leader perk

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