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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. Recently, 2 things happened

  1. Epic Games buffed the mission rewards
  2. My DMG/Shot calculator is proven to be fairly accurate

As such, it is a really good time for us to look into the more advanced aspects of survivors namely how F.O.R.T is calculated for them, some damage breakpoints given certain assumptions as well as survivor experience. Since this is more catered towards the experienced players, I won't be going over the basics of survivors and if you are looking for that kind of information, the sidebar of this subreddit has a great trove of guides by the community that covers those.

I will also be heavily referencing my Fortnite Spreadsheet throughout this post because all the tables and calculators are there so if you want to follow through, do grab a copy of it using the direct copy link below

Direct Copy of Spreadsheet

Survivors & F.O.R.T

So we all know that survivors, more specifically slotting and leveling them, increases the respective F.O.R.T stat depending on the squad they are in. However if you paid attention to the stat and the number, it isn't as simple as 1 level = 1 stat sort of thing. That said, u/nordrasir and myself first conceived a formula which was approximately 96% accurate and u/mbit90 later helped refine it to be 99.9% accurate (It is literally only inaccurate for calculating ONE instance of Survivor). The formula goes something like

Stat = Base Rarity Constant + (Level - 1) * Level Rarity Multiplier + Evolutions * Evolution Rarity Multiplier 

and then there's some +/- depending on the rarity of lead survivor as well as the matching / not matching personalities. That said, here's the table for all the constant and multipliers

Rarity Base Constant Level Multiplier Evolution Multiplier
Common 1 1 5
Uncommon 5 1.083333 6.3333333
Rare 10 1.245 7
Epic 15 1.3749 8
Legendary 20 1.5 9

For Lead Survivors, the table is a bit different

Rarity Base Constant Level Multiplier Evolution Multiplier
Uncommon 5 1 5
Rare 10 1.083333 6.3333333
Epic 15 1.245 7
Legendary 20 1.3749 8
Mythic 25 1.5 9

The Proving

With all calculations, I should show you guys the "proof" that the formula is actually correct. I emptied my squads out and placed 1 Epic Survivor inside. As seen from this image, the Epic survivor with level 28 should yield us a result of 68 when plugged into my formula. Here's the working steps

Stat = 15 + 27 * 1.3749 + 2 * 8 = 15 + 37.1223 + 16 = 68.1223 

which basically rounds off to 68 proving that our formula is accurate. Now if you are still not convinced, we look at a legendary survivor this time as seen here which is level 30 and should yield us 82 power. The working steps this time would be

Stat = 20 + 29 * 1.5 + 2 * 9 = 20 + 43.5 + 18 = 81.5 

which rounds off to 82. If you are still not convinced, I actually have this calculator setup within my spreadsheet at the bottom of my "Survivor" tab that looks something like this. It is setup properly and fully functional so feel free to play with it a little and see the values for yourself. Either way…

Fun Fact

If you read my "Survivor" tab, you will notice me mentioning

Firstly, rarity is the most important so pick rarity over all other stats

This is because even in the worst case scenario where the player is using a mythic lead and suffering from a -2 penalty due to non-matching personalities, The Legendary survivor yields 74 stats at level 26 where the Epic survivor only yields 73 stats at this level as seen in this quick example here

Damage Breakpoints

We figured out how survivor stats are calculated in our earlier section and now, we want to use that information to determine what level my survivors should be to play comfortably. Well specifically at Twine Peaks since that's the only zone where we have an idea of how husk health scaling is thanks to u/aFrequ. So let's now assume

  • A player playing Urban Assault with Berkserker support
  • The player is using a level 40 Shadowshard Hydra (fixed perks, easy to calculate)

Urban Assault isn't actually the best hero for this post since we go off damage/shot a lot and fire rate doesn't really benefit that. That said, it is one of the more popular subclasses so its relevance to more people warrants her spot here.

To kill a regular PL100 husk in 1-shot (comfortably), we plug the values into my calculator as seen here to find 3 scenarios, namely the offense at which it includes headshots, includes critical hits and excludes both of the former. Here's what the table looks like

Husk Everything W/o Headshots W/o HS&Crit
Regular 1962 2993 3463

For regular husks, we might not want to invest too much effort relying on headshots nor critical hits (which is random) so for this situation, the offense value of 3463 without either headshots or critical hits would be the most relevant.

It is worth noting that at this offense value, the player would require 7 shots (rounded) to kill a Husky Husk and 11 shots (rounded) to kill a Blaster. It's pretty bad but this isn't a good gauge since we aren't considering headshots and critical hits at all

So what about bigger targets? (Blaster)

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The Hydra has a magazine capacity of 10 and personally, if I can kill a blaster with 5 shots (half the clip), I will consider it fairly comfortable. However, I will just use the number of shots as the independent variable. The blaster is also a bigger target which takes multiple shots to take down so it makes sense for us to include both headshots and critical hits. Here's what the table looks like

  • Assuming 100% headshots
Number of Shots Offense Needed
1 > 20000
2 10608
3 7039
4 5254
5 4183

So it is basically impossible for you to one-shot a blaster but you can kill it with half your clip (5 shots) if you are sitting at 4183 offense. We will re-visit this number in one of the later sections

Survivors Experience

One last mechanic that I want to go over is the cost of getting survivors to X level. This includes the

  • Experience cost of leveling the survivor
  • Experience cost of evolving the survivor
  • Resource cost of evolving the survivor

With how the event store is at the moment, most people are going to end up getting capped on survivors experience rather than the resources so we will only focus on that. I do know that there's people who are running out of manuals and if you are, I suggest checking out my other post. Either way, the formula would be something like

XP to Target = Leveling XP + Evolution XP = <(Target Level * (Target-1) - Current * (Current-1)) * Rarity Multiplier / 2> +  

Rarity multiplier table is basically

Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Level Multiplier 100 150 200 250 300 400
Evolution Multiplier 750 1500 2250 3000 3750

For example if we want to calculate the amount of experience needed to get a legendary survivor from 1 to 38, the formula would be

XP to 38 = <(38 * (38 - 1) - (1 * (1-1)) * 300 / 2> + <3 * (10*(300-50) + 3750))> = 1406 * 150 + 3 * 6250 = 210900 + 18750 = 229650 

and that my friends, is a lot of survivor experience

I'm almost certain there's some way to shorten my formula which I'm not seeing. That said, if you just want to do some calculations without understanding the workings behind it, simply use the already prepared calculator within my spreadsheet in the "Calc" tab

Putting the pieces together

So according to my calculations earlier, we generally want 4183 offense in order to play comfortably at power level 100.

Once again, I reiterate that we work off Twine Peak numbers because only those are available and also the fact that this is meant to be a more advanced guide to survivors.

Offense comes from primarily 3 sources

  • Survivor Squads
  • Research/ Skill Trees
  • Party Members

First, we eliminate research/skill trees. Doing a quick count, I found that you can obtain a total of 548 points from research and skill trees which lowers our offense goal to 3635. Next, we want to eliminate the party bonus from other players. However, this is a little harder to factor in so I will give a range in this table

Bonus/Player Bonus Total New Required Offense
300 900 2735
400 1200 2435
500 1500 2135
600 1800 1835

If we run some quick numbers using the table we used earlier for survivor stats calculation as seen here, you will notice that even with perfect squads, you can only achieve 2472 offense from survivors. This means that if you are running with a group of mediocre players, you will not hit our target of 5-shotting a Blaster.

So let's just assume a really good squad where each member of the party offers 600 offense. In this instance, we need the same number shown in our previous image to be at least 1835. We tinker with the numbers in the inputs section and found that

  • If you only use Mythic Leads and Legendary matching survivors

All your survivors must be at least level 33 to reach 1842 offense, going over our requirement.

At least level 38 if they are non-matching Legendary survivors and at least level 40 for matching Epic survivors

The XP calculations

To round it off, we plug the values (target level of 38) into our survivor experience calculator that looks like this and observe that

  • We need 177150 XP per legendary survivor to get to level 38
  • We need 232700 XP per mythic lead to level 38

In total since we have 14 survivor slots and 2 lead survivor slots,

Total experience needed = 14 * 177150 + 2 * 232700 = 2,945,500 

That will be a total of 98.18 hours of playtime farming stuff like Radars/Survivors in power level 76 or approximately 16.36 hours of playtime farming PL 100 Bomb missions. I specifically mentioned bomb missions here because you can get tier 6 chests for that awesome 30000 base survivor experience (not including crits) and bomb missions could take 10 minutes or less to complete. Either way, I'm not going into the specifics here and it's kind of just for additional information sake

The final table

To make the entire breakdown easier on the eyes, I decided to make a single table for it that looks like this

Bonus/Player Required Offense Survivor Levels XP Cost per XP Cost total (including Mythic Lead) # Games Total Farming Time (hours)
400 2435 49 385300 6409000 213.6 35.61
500 2135 41 278500 4629000 154.3 25.72
600 1835 33 177150 2945500 98.18 16.36

What we can learn from this section is that if you want to be able to kill things comfortably, it is very important how much stats your party members are bringing to the table. Also, be ready to grind a lot to reach that point.

Probable Questions
  1. So why don't you assume a level 50 Hydra instead?
    A. If we go by zone levels, you will notice it's generally 1 STAR per zone (i.e Silver in Plankerton, Malachite in Canny). While the stats of a level 50 weapon does indeed function in Twine Peaks, the weapon is over the soft-cap in terms of resource cost

  2. What do you mean by "(not including crits)" talking about Bomb survivor experience
    A. When you get rewards, there's a random chance where your rewards are multiplied (similar to how critical strikes work)

  3. What about Smashers in PL 100?
    A. Unfortunately, we don't have the health values for those yet but I would gladly take any information anyone can provide on these!

  4. What about Tech for traps?
    A. That's something I have not looked into but definitely considering to

  5. What missions would you recommend farming for survivor XP?
    A. My personal favorite is "Deliver the Bomb" since it has tier 6 rewards and easy to defend with only 2 fixed spawns. I might do a post on missions, their difficulty and rewards but not anytime soon

  6. I think your definition of "comfortable" is inaccurate, I personally find that…?
    A. It is an opinion so there's no right or wrong. Personally if I can kill a Blaster with half my clip (2 Blasters per clip), I generally feel "helpful" in my missions

I can't actually think of anything right now so if you guys have any interesting questions down in the comments, I will make edits to include it in here.


In this post, we managed to cover the mechanics behind how things are calculated and run an example scenario to give you guys an idea of how long end-game grind can take. Do note that the estimated farming time is likely the bare minimum since you could end up spending time finding groups, doing other missions to advance quests etc. That said, this is but one scenario out of the tens of thousands possible permutations out there where people run different setups, different missions, different groups, different weapons, different perks and so on. It simply isn't possible for me to cover everything so I picked one of the more extreme, end game setups.

If we were to sum up this entire post, I would say

  • Rarity is the most important in survivors. A non-matching Legendary beats a matching Epic at level 26
  • With a "really strong" Soldier setup, you still need 4183 offense to kill enemies comfortably. Not playing soldiers? Better hope you have teammates running them so you can actually do something to smashers
  • To get 4183 offense, at least 2735~1835 needs to come from survivor squads depending on how good your party is. Thus, partying with strong players matter a lot
  • Doing radars/survivors, while easy, is highly inefficient especially when you are going for the end-game survivor experience grind. Bombs on the other hand are really nice

TL;DR If you want to shoot down enemies "comfortably" in PL100, you will need a good loadout (UAH+MGR), a good party with high offense bonus (600 per player) and approximately 1835 offense from your own squads (every survivor > level 33)

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