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Great patch so far Epic, really loving the look and feel of the new Neon guns and heroes! I do however have some concerns looking at the new Outlander T.E.D.D. Shot Jess. So let's dive into her perks first.

Excluding the Outlander default perks, she has:

  • Precision Handling (Headshot gives 7% reload, stacks to 35%)
  • Bear With Me (+5s Teddy)
  • Quick Scope (+35% sniper fire rate)
  • Bear Stare (Teddy eye beams)
  • Phase Runner (+25% move speed for 4 sec after phase shift)
  • Eye on the Prize (15 Headshot kills gives charge fragment)
  • Bearserker (+5s Teddy, +25% Teddy Damage)

Most importantly, her description says

"Deploys TEDDY to provide covering fire while sniping foes from the distance."

Reading her description and looking at her perks, it's safe to assume that TEDD Shot Jess was meant to be a sniper. However, the only perk that is meant for the sniper is Quick Scope, and I honestly don't see fire rate being too big of a deal on snipers in the first place. The Precision Handling perk is more easily triggered with an AR, and with the same AR, it isn't much harder to trigger the Eye on the Prize Perk either. So really, there isn't much incentive for this class to use a sniper at all. If you do choose to use a sniper, it is more like you are supporting your TEDDY. Assault Rifles are already in most cases the best guns to use, and that is understandable, but that's why we have the Ranger, to give incentive to use pistols, and Raiders, to give incentive to use shotguns. T.E.D.D. Shot doesn't really provide that aspiration of using a sniper, so here are a few of my suggestions.


I know it may be hard to make changes to the character especially since she was just released and changes may easily disappoint part of the community if not well made. But to make snipers a larger part of the game, I think some buffs or creativity are needed for "sniper perks". Personally, I don't think Phase Runner is that important for her, and can be substituted for a sniper perk, however, a little utility is always nice, and I'm sure some people appreciate that move speed. I do however, believe that Quick Scope is not all that necessary. I do appreciate what Epic is trying to do, trying to have damage increased horizontally instead of vertically increasing flat damage, but the fire rate just can't compete with flat damage or crit, especially on sniper rifles. The same can be said for Precision Handling, not the best perk to have although reload speed is slow for snipers. Most snipers only have 5 shots in a magazine without perks to increase it, meaning every shot should be a headshot for that 35% reload speed. To me it just sounds like a weaker In a Pinch perk that the new soldier has that increases reload by 35% on empty clip.

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If these perks want to be kept, Precision Handling should be more for snipers only and possibly merged with Quick Scope giving for example:

  • Quick Scope (+20% sniper reload +20% sniper fire rate)

This would open up another perk slot for Precision Handling and possibly add flat damage, or critical chance to go with her squad bonus for critical damage. I really want to love using a sniper in this game playing as a sniper archetype character, but right now it just really doesn't seem worth it to me.


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