Taxiing and chocolate

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Recently I have seen many many posts on the issue of taxiing low levels into games etc etc. This is obviously a huge issue and needs to be resolved. I have a few ideas and will lay them out from harshest/most complicated to most lenient. Please feel free to comment, and please correct me on any errors I have made. These are theoretical and not at all definitive.

  1. Make taxiing players into a mission above their power level a percentage. Anyone who has a powerlevel below this percentage related to the highest powerlevel in the group, regardless of party leader, is automatically kicked at the start of the mission. For example on a 15% basis. Powerlevel 100 wants to bring power level 64 to power level 94 recommended mission. 94x.15=14.1 94-14.1=79.9 Assuming a gracious round down here only power level 79 may now be "taxiid" to said mission. Now we eliminate the possibility of a PL boost from said PL 100 and go off of base Power Level. Problem sort of solved. This is extremely complicated however and as it sounds good, I am personally against it. This becomes an issue if the person who is power level 78 cannot access the mission. Therefore a higher percentage of 40-45% may be required. Math is hard guys.
  2. Scale farming. OK? You want your friend who is power level 19 to come hang out with you, a power level 109 in a level 100 fight the storm. He is excited to farm allll that brightcore, sunbeam, shadow etc etc. Wrong. He breaks shadowshard and it gives him quartz. Trees give him simple twine, rocks simple mineral powder and ores give him silver. The highest level of loot he can get is scaled based on the highest level mission he can access. We don't have to stop there though. Exp gained and evolutionats earned from killing minibosses are scaled to his level as well. And his power level is scaled to the average of the 3 other people who (assuming they aren't all taxiid) are probably reasonable. No one loses mats building tunnels because this person isn't providing a power boost, and he can still kill the husks. Win win. You gain and he doesn't. You could even take it a step further and have the person who taxiid them ALSO receive the scaled materials and rewards. (This would punish both the people being taxiid and the people doing the taxiing.)
  3. This has been mentioned previously but a simple scaling of powerlevel to the lowest powerlevel in the group.
  4. Add a confirmation screen for the mission . Show a screen similar to this, "We have detected there is an unusually low Power Level individual in the game. Would you like to continue? Yes No Also add this for players who have already entered the game. "A player with a lower than usual power level is attempting to connect to your game." Giving people an option to leave. Given time, these people will not be able to find games and will hopefully put in the time to actually access these missions.

Thanks for reading this long post! I hope it was good and in all honesty I did it from my phone so it's probably littered with spelling errors, but the ideas are there. I am open to critisicm and will try to read all relevant and measure replies. -Bass

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