Team Vash recent video criticism.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Team Vash recent video criticism.

I saw a post about half an hour ago talking about his most recent video so I thought hey, why not give it a look and see why he doesn't really like the emotes being added to the game.

Edit here: idk if the mods would consider that I am promoting myself (somehow) so I wont out the video to the link. The video is called emote angry review and is the latest one on team vash channel.

I will return to before the 14 mins mark at the end of the post. But for now lets talk about what he is saying at 14 mins. The gravedigger and how its rarity mattered.

I completely agree that some schematics and even heroes should be locked behind either long (good) quests or hard limited time challenges and should never come back. But the problem with this thought is:

1- the "og" schematics were good when they released and nowadays they dont excel at anything.

2- due to how the schematic and crafting system works, we can't really have a rare schematic. What would be the point of having a mythic weapon locked behind the longest and hardest questline if I can just craft it to anyone and trade it. The schematics lose their rarity as soon as more than 1 person has them. Because ANYONE could have a grave if they wanted. Making the schematic available was the best move imo so now a people would craft their own and realize the weapon was mediocre at best.

Having "og" schematic doesnt compare to br battlepass emotes because those are exclusive. Those will never be obtained again. But again, the way stw works doesnt allow for schematics to be considered rare.

About 20 minutes in he starts repeating the same thing (how emotes are basically epic way of saying we dont care and we will just give you br leftovers. Be happy)

We just got the announcement saying we are getting emotes. On the video we can see that those are classified as locker emotes and on the bday llama 2 post some epic employers/devs said we wont need to change to br to change what emotes we are using. Which confirms we are getting some sort of locker.

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And about the locker, one of the last dev replies was refering to the "more details soon". Team vash/vash is just assuming at this point that we are only getting br left overs and nothing more. We dont know exactly what the locker will give us and even what can be added to it on the "long term".


We might get our own emotes or get some exclusive skins for our new locker in the future (season 10). What I really don't get is why you are criticizing so heavily something we don't have a lot of information about. O would love being able to choose a different skin but keeping the same commander perk on one hero. It would be amazing.

(Some things I dont know where to put in so I am just going to throw it all here including the things before the 14 mins mark which was basically the game is too casual now).

1- the progression is bad and it was worse (at least imo). I think players should still need to do a good part of plankerton and canny to learn the gamem they shouldnt be able to do survivor xp missions and skip everything. But reverting the way the game works to how it once did is just so bad.

We had to do a cat 4, 4x mission. One of the hardest missions (at that time) on the game. Wasting a lot of materials. Without the great addition of the hero loadout, just to get enough xp to level a single schematic to 106.

If you like how it works hey thats great. But I dont think everyone should suffer doing a lot of missions for duch a small reward. I also dont think xp should be given freely but its hard to balance what would be the ideal amount of xp.

2- but he suggested each minute of a game (with the max of 20 mins) giving you more rewards and letting you choose what you would receive.

Oh thats great. One second just let me go to this 116 4x rtd and do a jail build over and over so I can get everything in the game.

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This just doesnt work. And jail builds arent even something you can nerf or fix because it isnt an exploit. You are just playing the game and using its mechanics to its best potential. So please tell me how this would be any better than afking wargames (which you knew was going be bad from day 1).

Tldr: most of the video is assumptions on how the locker will ruin stw and how epic again isnt doing anything to stw. Absolutely nothing.

Anyways u/teamvash as you said on the end of your video "leave your opnion in the comments". While not exavtly the comments I would love to hear your opnion on my opnion about your opnion. (Hope you still use reddit otherwise idk how to contact you).

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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