Teknique and Abstrakt in Save the World

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Teknique and Abstrakt in Save the World

Bringing this over from a post ashtonsux13 made on the forums, more chance of a dev seeing it here. Original Post:

1- Frag Grenade

2- Debilitating shots

5- Keep out!

8- ? – keep out slows enemy movement by 10% (changes keep out to look like paint)

2 Star- Shockwave

12- ? – shockwave applies keep out (and all perks related to it) in it's radius

15 – Lingering pain

18 – ? – 15% dmg to stunned, staggered and knocked down, additionally, keep out does base 45 impact per hit (chance to stun)

3 star – Lefty and righty

25 – Where's Lefty

30 – ? – Increases the damage of Lefty & Righty by 25% and convert its damage to energy

Keep out! focused soldier that debuffs enemies with and does extra damage to enemies debuffed by keep out!

Perks highlighted in bold are exclusive

**Right, here is the outlander

Teknique/Abstrakt (Outlander)


Subclass: Painter**

S1-Loot Find

1-Shock Tower

2 – Loot Llama

2 – Hipshot

5 – Shocking Embrace

8 – Eagle Eye

S2 – Phase Shift

12 – Paint Explosion – When duration expires, Shock Tower explodes in a 1 tile radius into paint that slows targets by 50% and afflicts targets for 6 seconds, dealing 9 base damage per second, lasts for 5 seconds.

15 – Long Arm of the Law

18 – Phase Forward

S3 – In the zone

S3 – Anti-material Charge

**25 – Paint Trail – Phase shift and Anti-Material Charge leave a trail of paint behind for 5 seconds.

30 – Spray Painter – Increases pistol ROF by 45%, Every 10th final blow with a pistol in a row will leave a patch of paint that is 0.3 tiles wide and lasts for 3 seconds where the enemy was.**

Pistol focused outlander that can leave damaging paint on the battlefield, as well as weaken enemies through phase shift.

Support – Medicinal Fumes (doesn't Stack) Tactical – Keep out! (doesn't stack)

Backpack: Tag Bag (for both) Headgear: Hoodie and Face mask (for both)

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