“Test the Limits”, “Eliminate and Collect”, and “Refuel the Homebase”(with a rework concept for RtH) are all Missions That Would be PERFECT to Introduce “The Block” to Save the World

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - "Test the Limits", "Eliminate and Collect", and "Refuel the Homebase"(with a rework concept for RtH) are all Missions That Would be PERFECT to Introduce "The Block" to Save the World

TL;DR at the bottom

Hey guys, SpoiledSouls here, and since about a month ago, I have had a suggestion on my mind that I was not quite sure how to write out and bring forward, but since Patch 8.0, there have been 2 new mission that fell perfectly into my suggestion which is: The Block should definitely be implemented into Save the World.

Now I know some of you might just turn around right now away from this post back into your RtD Beta missions but HEAR ME OUT. I have some great points on why this should be a thing, and I hope that you all could agree with me.

Creative is Supposed to be Its Own Gamemode

Back when the 7.0 Patch was released, a new game mode was introduce to Fortnite, and that was "

." The Idea behind it was to be in charge of your own landscape, create your own games, build your own world. Currently, it MAINLY Battle Royale's assets, weapons, traps, and so on and so forth, BUT I believe that it should be using assets from both Save the World AND Battle Royale, otherwise it just looks like a "spin-off" of Battle Royale (Which is exactly how it looks right now).

Skipping ahead so I don't get too far off track.

What is "The Block?"

Shortly after 7.0 , "

" was introduced to both Creative and Battle Royale.

"The Block" gave Battle Royale Players and Creative Players alike the opportunity to make some amazing structures/creations AND have the chance of getting them showcased as part of the Battle Royale Map! Of course to have your creation selected you had to follow the criteria for submissions.

As stated, Users were limited to:

  • A 25 x 25 tile area with no height restrictions, as long as it was kept in line with the rest of the map.
  • Must be Original
  • Whatever Creative had to offer was yours to use and abuse!

Mini TL;DR: "The Block" is where players can submit there own creations from Creative to be featured in Battle Royale.

Why "The Block" Should be in Save the World

Personally, I believe this section needs no explanation, but I feel it would help further my point.

"The Block" is described as a 25 x 25 tile flat area. After some very rough measurements, the average Save the World map is a 63 x 63 tile map. That is more than enough room to be able to fit "The Block" into the map. An even better scenario would be to increase the size of "The Block" to 30 x 30 tiles so it can be almost an exact quarter of a Save the World Map, but my ideal scenario would be if we had "The Block" as its own map by itself. Have a duplicate Block for each zone (for scaling difficulties).

There are Fortnite players who play more than just Save the World, and in-fact play all three modes! I also know for a fact that people have been asking for "Prefabs" from Save the World to be implemented into Creative, including "our OG walls /s" Anyways, people including myself would love to be able to submit some creations for homebase to explore, and with the newer missions, it could be possible!

Test the Limits

With Patch 8.1, a new Beta Mission was introduced, called "Test the Limits." The main objective is to race across and around the map hitting 4 checkpoints as fast as possible for rewards! The mission at a minimum can take 6 minutes and nets you some great rewards depending on how fast you use your time.

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If "The Block" were implemented, People can actually have the race tracks they've made now featured! You could essentially add more checkpoints to this as well since 4 isn't really that hard. If we went by the ideal 30 x 30 tile Block, people could have a bit more room to throw their tracks together and potentially come up with some crazy track ideas based on:

  • Running
  • Parkour-ing (they could disable building on "The Block" maps if they wanted to go that route)
  • Hoverboarding
  • DRiFtBoARrDiNg

and many more ideas. These special tracks could be like weekly challenges that could repeat at random, with something to prevent one from showing up that was the exact same as the week prior. I'm just bouncing ideas here.

Eliminate and Collect


When 8.0 was released, a Beta mission called "Eliminate and Collect" was introduced. The objective was to eliminate as many husks as you can in under 10 minutes, collecting husk data as well as avoiding the storm that was closing in on you. This would be a great mission to feature in "The Block" because the small map would mean the husks are closer to your team as well as more grouped up with each other, leading to you having lower chances of getting out alive! (which is what the community asked for because that mission was way too easy if I am being honest). Storms would close faster and People could build some crazy Husk Arenas that could remind us of the Colosseum for us to duke it out in.

Refuel the Homebase

Refuel the Homebase is in a rather…unlikable state. From what I have seen, most of the community think that mission type is rather lackluster. The main objective is to defend BluGlo Siphons (1 minute per defense phase) to refill the tanks (6 required) back home at good ol' homebase. You have the OPTION to defend the same Siphons a total of 3 times, meaning to complete the mission, people could just defend 2 Siphons 3 times each leading to completion, and waiting around for the mission to end. RtH needs a sort of rework to make it more fun and enjoyable, and what better way than to give it a Beta version and toss it into "The Block!"

This is my current Idea for the rework:

  • Mission total time: 12-15 minutes (down from 20) and starts when you arrive at the 1st Siphon
  • WARNING STORM SURGE ACTIVE: Every 10-15 seconds, your structures take 10% damage from the storm
  • 4-5 Siphons on the map in total
  • Siphons must be completed in order
  • Storm is insanely deadly and fast. We're talking you could survive max 10-15 seconds in the storm with full health and shield. Storms move faster than the Storm King himself
  • 1st Siphon location is already revealed on map when entering the match
  • Storm starts closing instantaneously around the 1st Siphon leading you to rush over to it, kinda like Evacuate the Shelter.
  • Each Stage of the siphon elevates in time (1st: 30 seconds, 2nd: 45 seconds, 3rd: 60 seconds) for a total of 2 minutes and 15 seconds per siphon
  • After 3rd stage is complete (or 2 minutes and 45 seconds have passed after the storm closed around the 1st siphon) the storm starts moving to the next siphon. If you didn't get to complete all 3 stages in the given time(you have 30 seconds of leeway), well that sucks. The Siphon Deactivates once the storm touches it and you missed out on the platinum badge.
  • The faster you complete the 3 stages for one siphon, the more time you will have to go move over to the next siphon
  • The mission ends when all siphons are completed or when the timer runs out.
  • Bronze: 5-6 tanks
  • Silver: 7-9 tanks
  • Gold: 10-12 tanks
  • Platinum: 12-15 tanks
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Of course that's just a rough idea, but you get it (Hopefully). And since there is less Siphons, They could fit on "The Block!"

Really the only issues I see here and with Eliminate and Collect is the possibility of the husks AI becoming wonky with the kind of builds people could end up creating. but honestly, "The Block" would be absolutely amazing to have inside Save the World with these missions being apart of it.

Mini TL;DR: Revamped RtH where the storm controls your movement in the zone, and you cannot go back and finish a siphon, storm is buffed to hell, and you're always moving,


"The Block" is something that really deserves a spot in the Save the World Universe. If Epic decides to eventually put this in, that could really give us something more to do (especially endgame players) each week, and Epic could focus on cracking down on bugs like they did during Cram Session last year. They would not have to pump out as much content because we ourselves would be supplying the content for each other. All the StW dev team would have to do is choose a Block weekly to showcase! I would love to see everyone's thoughts on this idea and what it could potentially bring to the table!


The 2 new beta missions would would so well with the introduction of "The Block" leading to a massive amount of new content created by us. Many new ways to race around the world, along with weekly challenges. Eliminate and collect would see new arenas built for taking the fight to the husks! AND A completely reworked version of Refuel the Homebase might make you think twice about whether the mission would still be lackluster.

Take care everyone, till next time,


IGN: Spoiled_Rotten

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