Testing Area: Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Testing Area: Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

Hey, it's me again, this time I am bringing an idea to the table that I have put forward before, hopefully, this time without it getting smitten, a bit of a read but hopefully a fitting concept.

Short concept announcement: Presenting the Testing Area, Ray found a new zone thanks to SEE-Bot, somehow the storm hasn't found this place yet, Lars thinks it is due to the area being above the clouds and the storm can't reach it, but it's not big enough to keep all of Homebase, however, we can use this place as testing grounds!

Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

Welcome to the Testing Area, there are a few Mountain Top area's where the storm can't reach, just like your Storm Shield you'll be able to visit this place whenever you like, you can test, optimize, and prepare your building skills for the fight against the storm!

dfzjnmcnqgr21 - Testing Area: Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

The area could get a sign with testing area like the one in this bad photoshopped concept.

Ray, the Major, Clip, and Kevin worked together to create a few new tools to make sure you can prepare yourself or with friends to fight the storm, enter the testing area to receive the brand new Holopartum Tool!

The Holopartum can materialize more than just ordinary structures.

vp08rptrqgr21 - Testing Area: Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

Braniac Jonesy holding the Holopartum Tool (Subnautica Builder Tool used as placeholder).

Area 1: Building Area

In the Building Area (Defense) but only there you will be able to:

– Instantly place fully health structures.

– Place Holotraps (Holographic copies of your traps)

– Place mission objectives such as an Atlas or Data Weather Balloon and there is even a copy of Lars his van that would make him very jealous, it has new decals on the sides, place these down to practice your defensive builds.

– The resource counter, this will display all the needed materials to build your holo-structures and defenses, building materials and crafting materials alike, placing them costs nothing but it keeps a handy list what it will cost in actual missions!

– Instantly break Holo-structures down with the Holopartum (like the phone does in that other thing) or use your pickaxe for a single hit to remove the holo-structure (and any attached holotrap).

Area 2: Weapon Testing Area

Do you want to know the damage that your weapons and traps can do, find out in the Weapons and Trap Area (Offense), located next to the Build Area, here you can try all kinds of things to see what will hit the husks harder:

– In this area you'll find there are Holographic models of husks spread out with strange coloured heads to clearly indicate what will be a headshot and what will not, try your weapons out and see the damage numbers* slowly float upwards or choose to have them line up in order at the left side of your screen for clearer viewing, weapons do not use durability in this zone!


– Weapons are not your thing? Try placing traps over one of the Holohusks instead to check your trap damage output*, the numbers act the same as with weapon damage, your trap won't be used and once you destroy the structure it is on it will drop to the floor to use another time.

– Structures in this zone are the same as in the Build Area, they cost nothing to put up and are easily removable, your trap is the only thing you need to place that will be returned to you when the structure it is on is destroyed.

*To replicate the damage correctly you can set Holohusk power levels and element using the console in front, the holograms will "receive" damage as if they were the chosen power level and element, Youtubers and Reddit weapon/trap testers rejoice!

Area 3: Special Event Maps

Maybe one of the biggest achievements is that Ray and the Director have madewhich they dubbed, the Visualizer, a separate area they only use when the challenge out there calls for it, need to build a defense for Horde, want to plan your Frostnite build with your crew, plan ahead to Survive the Storm, the visualizer will help you prepare, event maps will be created in the Visualizer as 1:1 copies.

du0eq6vuqgr21 - Testing Area: Try New Builds, Plan Together, Save The World!

Frostnite Mockup V3 by FortniteDB that people had to use for building planning, with the Visualizer it will not be needed anymore for the community to make custom maps like these.

Background info

A little bit of background for this post, I thought I would add this to the end explaining what happened before.

At the end of January I thought we could use a testing area, sadly back then the idea was meant to be an addition to another mode of the game, it got smitten on the subreddits of both modes (yay?), so I tweaked the idea a bit, added a few bits and bops and here it is again with the expectation that I have no reasons for the mod gods to smite it once again, if you are reading this, it might have worked.

Bonus: I thought Holopartum ("partum" means "create" in Latin) was a fun name, Visualizer isn't anything special but for now it is the best I came up with.

End notes and Edits below

Anyways I hope most of you have enjoyed the read, it might be a bit much but I really like this game and want to see it improve, if anything in my post is misspelled or you have any idea's of your own to add on to this, let me know and I will fix/add it.

This idea is not perfect, I am not perfect.

I am a bear!

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