Testing Mission Rewards Chests

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I know recently u/Magyst said they were in search of data regarding a bug claim that mission rewards chests 4-5-6 awarded the same loot. Below I present my mission rewards chest data.


I played 5 of the exact same mission to generate a data set of mission rewards for analysis.


Time: 8/3/2018, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Mission: Fight the Storm Category 3 (4 player)

Rewards: 4x Hero XP

Biome: Canny Valley

Game Mission Rewards Level Hero XP Amount
1 5 28,000
2 5 28,000
3 6 35,000
4 6 28,000
5 6 28,000



While the sample size is small and not statistically significant, it's definitely telling that it is at least POSSIBLE to get the same loot from a T5 and T6 chest.

If we assume that the base level of T6 is 28k (in this exact situation), this data set could reflect a situation in which I "crit" both my T5's (28k) with a smaller number as the base. Also, I "crit" 1 T6 and I didn't "crit" 2 of the T6 chests. This assumption also concludes that a "crit" T5 = "base" T6.

However, another scenario is the bug scenario. This scenario would assume "base" T5 = "base" T6. In this scenario, I only "crit" 1 chest (game 3).

Future Research (Play)

Since mission timers are 5 hours long. I would propose a session in which 4 players run a 4x retrieve the data and record their results in a similar fashion to get a data driven approach to the state of the game with respect to mission rewards. If u/Magyst is not finding the data necessary to drive the dev team to look at the "bug", the onus is on us to generate the data.

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