Thanks for the flashback

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Thanks for the flashback

Hi, I need to cool down a bit while I'm writing this, today I finished "Have you tried turning it on and off again?" quest which involves a special map while protecting 4 servers like we did in "I'm probably dead" (I think it was this one) but this time since I recognized the map objective due to prior quest like this I took some precautions.

Since I was using an Enforcer Grizzly I explored all the map, collected blueglo for the pylons and collected fragments for my TEDDY.

Then since it's easy to accidentally activate the mission because you just have to be near a server, I started destroying the whole mansion to make things easier, I used the classic reverse pyramid with knocking traps and only lost 1 server. God bless TEDDY because he made one manning that mission from hard to medium.


I know this is a special map with a special mission but what I really hate of these missions is that it's so easy to screw up by doing virtually nothing and instead of teaching you how to do this mission like the other missions do it punishes you if you don't play around it.

To keep it short, this is my least favorite type of mission due to no instructions on how to proceed the first time and because your chances of finding someone doing this are low, you're most likely going to solo this or ask for help externally.

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