Thanks to all the High Level Players who do put in time to do stuff.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - Thanks to all the High Level Players who do put in time to do stuff.

Thank You for coming when I say Storm Chest on me.

Thank You for building and tiering up Building mats.

Thank You for those that communicate or understand that sometimes teamwork makes it way to easy for an objective to get done.

Case in Point, Build the Radar, I know if full room, everyone runs off to 1 tower each, then last one any of the 4 players can finish it, then you have 10+ minutes to farm. Yet I joined a room and we all went to same tower, quickly finished each tower so fu*king fast, that by the 5th tower done we were still roughly 14 minutes of farming. We completed it, got our 5 reward packages together. Individually it would be really 1 reward and 4 building mats from other teammates build, yet we did all 5 together, all of us got tagged with 5 reward packages. Then it was just 2 Storm Chest and like 3 saved Survivors and 4 Encampments. We still had 2 minutes of just zooming around looking for something to do lol.


Love people who trade and don't try to con and work towards helping each other. Just cause someone asks they got any spare mats of a particular kind be it hard item to get, sometimes just giving like 200 sleek or 50 peak Twine to help out someone, does pay off dividends. Maybe they drop you a 130 weapon as a thanks, no need to request something return unless it's a heavy asking say a stack of Shadowshards or something in that type of range.

Thanks to those who know if they see Propane pop up during wave, to reel back into base, not shoot towards tunnels with them in it. Gotta thank Outlanders who drop Llamas and not need mats but do it for team, free for all.

Kind of crazy how team oriented objectives in higher level of play dwarf in comparison to even say 2 mission tiers below

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Like PL 76 and 82 Twine are decent to meh, but so far PL 94 and 100 missions have been really great. Only 1 AFK so far. Hell I don't even get mad at the dude who joined, did storm chest with me, bounced while I was doing Building the Radar. Thanks for the loot help, still got 3 Radars done.

So Thanks, if I see ya on PS4, GG and Thankies.

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