Thanks to Epic for all the cool heroes this season!

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I have no doubt this will be downvoted into the ground for thanking Epic for something (gasp the audacity, right?) – but I truly believe it needs to be said for the future of StW.

Over the past 2-4 seasons, we’ve seen a lot of Skins go to BR, and Some of them are REALLY cool. Remember Fate? The Visitor? The Knights? The Astronauts? That tomato head guy?! Omega, Criterion, etc? We’ve wanted some of those skins as heroes, they would’ve made really cool heroes! But we usually get snubbed on that, and I know I know – they’re all soldier models. (Mostly) And we don’t need a million soldiers, mythics or Re-skins, especially after blockbuster.


But this season, if you look at the loading screen’s seasonal lineup we got FIVE out of SEVEN of the poster heroes! That’s awesome! Some of these are really cool! Redline Ramirez is probably my favorite skin for Raider, sledgehammer gives everyone a way to get that urban assault class people love, Thora was a reskin of a rare and really good class we actually wanted, and Ragnarok and Rio are actually unique mythical classes! I was seriously hoping we’d get what I was referring to as the ‘sexy librarian’ skin, but I didn’t think we would! I was legitimately excited by all the heroes we got this season.

Bottom line, I want to say thanks to Epic for bringing these cool character designs to save the world. They really did it in a thoughtful way too, god knows they could’ve all been survivalists.

TLDR; We’ve been complaining about not getting cool BR skins as heroes in stw for a while. This season, we actually got most of the cool ones and as mostly really good heroes. We should be grateful for that so it can be continued in the future.

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