The 6.0 Save The World “Cram Event” | Aidan Harris

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Hey EPIC it's me Aidan long time no see!

First off congratulations on your successful release of season 6!

Now on to why I'm here

So I've spoken to several people about the "Event" we currently have in Save The World and I'm getting a lot of the same responses… people are quite unhappy with the update, before we get into things I would like to point out some people see this Cram event as a reason to be excited for the next big Save The World update, because they believe the next update will bring something HUGE! I too even fall into this category which has me a little worried.

Why would I feel worried? the reason I feel worried is that with the current Cram event and the way that it is, it is VERY boring. The "Extra loot" feels almost worthless and a waste of time, I believe the X4 missions were a golden gate! I and many others assumed you were going to double up on the x4 players missions giving X8 the loot which if you ask the majority of the STW community I'm sure they would be VERY PLEASED to have such rewarding missions, I mentioned this IDEA in one of my videos and one of my tweets and MANY people liked the idea and were fingers crossed this was going to be the case when they loaded into 6.0.

X4 player missions are everyone's go to missions for when they are in need of XP or Evolution materials, the Cram event is only meant to be a short event alongside a lot of grinding and CRAMMING in as much XP and materials you can! nor the Cram event feature it's own llama or tickets to collect, this shows the event isn't going to be around for long (we hope) so if it isn't going to be around for long I would like to propose that the 4 player missions have their rewards doubled to X8 for the period of this event making it a real CRAM EVENT!

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I have taken into consideration the new quests, which are more than anything tedious, than fun! the new Ratatat? it can hardly take down a lobber! (defiantly not my aim)

I Hope EPIC understand I only want the best for Save The World, nor do I want this message to be taken in any offense what so ever as I'm just putting the opinion of mine and many others out there, I've bothered writing this because I'm hoping that the Cram event is a short one and for everyone to really enjoy it and I believe that simply doubling up the X4 player missions rewards to X8 would increase the morale of many people to make this event bearable.

I'm not very good putting what I want to say into text but I've done the best I've could, I'm not trying to come across rude as I've said I'm just putting out what I've heard from the majority of the people and some thoughts of my own because I want this game to live on as I see SO MUCH POTENTIAL for this game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

King regards

Aidan Harris

P.S It's all fun and games me bantering you for intros on Youtube… but did you REALLY have to put MEGABASE Kyle in the event store!

P.S.S This is a community post and I would like for everyone to post their own opinion on what they thought of the event, whether you are totally enjoying it! or have similar feelings as my own, regardless of your comment please keep the comments respectful both among the community and the devs.

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