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A while back, I made a post regarding my account being compromised, my hundreds of hours of progress instantly gone, and around $1000 down the drain. I am following your rules, moderators. This post is directly related to this game(Rule#3). This is a quality post(Rule#6). I am not asking for account help(One of you moderators told me this after you deleted my previous post.), and this is not a witch hunt.(Rule#2) This is not an advertisement for selling stuff(Rule#8). Nor am I looking to exploit(Rule#10). There is no recruitment going on here(Rule#9). And most importantly, I have been nothing but mature and considerate. (Rule#1). You have no reason to delete this, in the event that this is deleted, you'll only confirm my theory that the people who are in this position are seen as acceptable losses. This doesn't concern you guys. If you were fortunate to catch my last rant post before it was deleted, then you'll have an idea of what's going on but if not then the first sentence in this post should be a TL;DR. After three weeks of waiting around with my thumb up my ass, hoping to RNGesus that I'd get my account rolled back, I was left with a simple message: " Unfortunately, we are unable to restore the items you have lost. " A little insight, this same exact thing happened to three other people I know. We all were in Mid-level Twine peaks, and now we're sitting around at a loss. I was the only one fortunate enough to get a response, even if it was, in essence "sorry that sucks, bye". This should show you where we you Save The World players are on the totem pole. Below the dirt. I understand that managing a game this scale is no easy task, and I applaud any Epic employee who reads this. But as a business I feel that they should take issues such as these very seriously, and the best they could offer me was a forced logout from everywhere my account was logged into. No rollbacks. I find that hard to believe. I work in Silicon Valley for a tech company and I know for a fact that there are countermeasures in place, backups for your backups, for your backups. Or maybe there aren't, either way that just shows Epic's lack of concern for players, including myself, who've experienced this same thing, from what I've read in my last post. I'm expecting this thread to last at least a half day, before it's taken down. Because I know someone on their power-trip will see this, and just to spite me, they'll prune it. But to whoever reads this, stay sharp. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. I hope that this happens to nobody else, and it would end with me.


Good luck out there.


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