The amount of people who do nothing, or even worse, grief is getting absurd

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First off, one positive thing is I'm happy to be able to play Fortnitemares having missed it the first time around.

That said, I'm tired of having to carry most missions across Stonewood thru Twine Peaks. For example:

  • In DtB usually have to secure all the blueglo, place the tracks, and build the base.
  • In RtS usually am the one finding 6-8 modules.
  • In DtE usually am soloing all 5 encampments.
  • In Atlas, RtL, and RtD missions there's usually only 1-2 people defending the base. And forget trap tunnels.
  • On a side note, why do the lowest level people in the lobby vote no on starting an objective when not only have they done nothing, but will also probably be off farming if they're even moving at all?

The cherry on the top is having multiple missions in just the last day where someone either edited a hole into the base so the husks could get in (because they got called out for trolling other players), or saying they reported me because I pointed out one material was weak to a specific element.


In the past I would just chalk it up to a few bad apples in the community, but these days I honestly feel like a mission going smoothly (with no reason to legitimately report someone) is by far the exception to the norm.

The thing is, I know these things aren't easy to fix from a Developer's perspective, but really hope there can be a roadmap for progress someday. I doubt Epic wanted people to play on Private with three Defenders when they envisioned this game.


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