The “Best” Element to Get First

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I previously made a post based on my own experience, but this one is more based in logic and less about luck. Anyway, this “guide” is to give you a general idea on what element to focus on putting on your guns first. This is directed mostly at people first encountering elemental husks and can start farming Element-Up.

What does each type of elemental husk do?

Fire husks: they destroy wooden structures fast and deal damage over time to players they attack.

Nature husks: these guys destroy metal structures fast and drain your energy bar. They also cause your energy to drain over time and be unable to regenerate for a few seconds.

Water husks: they break stone down quickly and snare players, drastically slowing them down. Especially dangerous against mini husk swarms.

So what is the best element to get based on these effects? It really depends on what you are playing as. Of course you should get all elements, but if you’ve picked your 3 “main weapons” then you’ll want each to have a unique element.

For heroes specializing in ranged combat / guns: Nature, Fire, then Water. Water husks snare you, making it harder to keep your distance which is what ranged combat is supposed to be doing. You’ll want a good nature gun to kill them before they snare you. When they do get close, if they’re nature, you’ll have your energy drained. As abilities like decoy, shockwave, grenades and bull rush are helpful ways to get husks off you, losing energy can be annoying. Having a good fire weapon can kill them fast. Fire husks don’t threaten you much, so water weapons are less important.

For heroes specializing in melee combat: Nature, Fire, then water. Water husks will snare you, slowing you down to take massive damage. This is deadly to melee fighters and as such you’ll need an effective nature weapon to kill them quickly. Most melee heroes often use abilities so having a great fire weapon to kill energy draining nature husks is important. Fire husks are the least of your worries as a melee fighter, so pick up water last.

For ability based heroes (SMS, Dragon, etc): Fire, Nature, then Water. Nature husks are the bane of your existence, they prevent you from using your primary form of attack; abilities. Having a fire weapon is key to not being useless and killing them quickly. Water snare makes repositioning harder, so having a great nature weapon can counter this. As with other forms of combat, Fire isn’t a huge deal so water weapons are least important.


For trappers/trap tunnels: Fire, Nature, Water. Unless you are in a specific elemental storm, it’s impossible to guess what elemental husks to expect and the weather alert is often not displayed long enough or at all. Metal is usually your best bet, but nature husks break it down fast. Fire weapons can help keep your walls safer. Many people prefer stone, in which case a nature weapon is more important since water husks destroy stone quickly. Lastly, wood should never be used in late Canny unless you are over leveled, making water weapons less important for killing fire husks; wood walls will be broken nearly instant by other elementals anyway.

Energy is always worse than the correct element, better than the wrong element, and slightly better than the same element. It’s ok as a substitute for the correct element or for if you are too lazy to use multiple guns, which is fine.

Physical is only good against non-elementals as you’ll deal massively reduced damage. Having a physical weapon like a Tiger, Super Shredder, etc. is best at taking out Blasters and Lobbers. Physical is king in Stonewood and early to mid Plankerton as it deals higher base damage and there’s no elementals to reduce this damage.

TL;DR based on what play style you have.

Ranged or Melee: Nature, Fire, Water

Abilities or Traps/Tunnels: Fire, Nature, Water

Generally speaking, fire husks are the lowest threat level, making water the worst element. Depending on your play style and whether you use stone or metal for defenses, it’s your choice between Fire and Nature being the most important.

Physical is only good against Blasters/Lobbers, or for Plankerton & Stonewood.

Energy is a decent alternative for missing elements or for being too lazy to switch guns. Overall not very good at all though, really.

Thanks everyone for the feedback in the previous post! I hope this guide is actually useful and is more informative! My previous post was honestly lazily done and that’s not usually how I do things. This is how it should’ve been in the first place. I hope this helps people out on the mission to clear the game!

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