The ‘Best’ Numbers Weapon

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. After reading the title, you must be thinking… "what the hell is a 'numbers' weapon?" Well, I define it as the weapon that has either the highest sheet damage/shot or highest sheet damage/second. This means that the weapon is qualified solely by its paper numbers rather than in-game performance. In other words, don't expect it to be the

  • Most accurate weapon
  • Easiest to use weapon
  • Feels good to use weapon
  • Etc..

Essentially, this isn't about the performance of a weapon since there isn't a single metric for measuring that. But wait, why should we care about weapons that just look good on 'paper'? Well we don't really but hey, it's Reddit and I just thought it might interest some of you like how it did interest me. Either way, this is going to be a short post so there will only be 2 sections, the process of determining it and the raw numbers so feel free to skip around.

Before we jump in, I would like to just reiterate that this is more of a "fun" post rather than an information/ min-max sort of post. The "best" as indicated here is merely the weapon with the highest damage/shot and damage per second which may not be the best in terms of in-game performance

So, how do I do it?

Well one way is obviously to plug all the numbers in manually into my somewhat "ready" calculator while constantly switching between different hero loadouts and recording each and every one of them….. That's a lot of work really. Obviously, that's not what I did and I wouldn't recommend any of you doing that either. What I did instead was

  1. Setup a new spreadsheet and port the calculator, ranged table as well as db tabs over
  2. Create a "master" page to sync the calculator values to
  3. Duplicate the calculator tab like 60 times, 1 for each weapon (did this with a script)
  4. Back on the master page, setup a table to read the highest damage values for each weapon
  5. Setup another table to rank the weapons

Basically, the concept is to setup a calculator for every single weapon and have 1 single tab to manage all of them. Besides the 1~2 minutes processing time everytime I change one of my hero/support, I would say the calculator works pretty well (lmao). This spreadsheet wouldn't be incorporated to my main one (obviously, it's too big) and nor would I make it public cause

  • It doesn't look good
  • It doesn't serve a "real" purpose other than feed you with some interesting values
  • It's pretty messy so the average user wouldn't know how to operate it anyway (and I'm not cleaning up something that's for fun)

However if you really want to play around with it, just drop me a message and I will send you a link

The Numbers

This is where the fun comes in. We need to assume a series of values in order to get the accurate results. This includes our hero, support as well as headshot accuracy. I will indicate the assumptions made in bolded titles and place the relevant values into a table. The calculator automatically assumes that the weapon is running the best possible combination of perks (well it's calculated, what do you expect). Ready?

Oh yea I decided to omit fixed perk weapons altogether because.. reasons so while they might be amongst the top 5, you won't see them here

Urban Assault Headhunter + Master Grenadier with 70% Headshots

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.Hammercrush588.8Silenced Specter2037.3
2.Deathstalker365.5Argon AR2006.3
3.Vacuum Tube Rifle321.9Hunter-Killer2000.0
4.Dragon's Roar282.6Buzzcut2000.0
5.Argon AR282.6Hammercrush1928.8

Special Forces + Master Grenadier with 70% Headshots

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.Hammercrush517.3Silenced Specter1601.4
3.Vacuum Tube Rifle282.8Hunter-Killer1533.5
4.Dragon's Roar248.3Buzzcut1533.5
5.Argon AR248.3Argon AR1486

Special Forces + Sergeant/ Warlord with 70% Headshots
(Pretty much same as above but with slightly more damage overall)

Urban Assault + Urban Assault with 80% Headshots (trying harder to land those since you are running headshot in support bonus as well… probably)

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.Hammercrush660.1Argon AR2230.5
2.Deathstalker416.2Silenced Specter2230.0
3.Vacuum Tube Rifle360.9Hunter-Killer2223.3
4.Dragon's Roar316.8Buzzcut2223.3
5.Argon AR316.8Hammercrush2144.4

I could keep going with all the other soldiers but there isn't really much point. As you can already tell, the same few weapons dominate their category in almost the same way regardless how you change your loadout up.

The "not assault rifle" section

Non-AR weapons are pretty straightforward to be honest. You are either running Ranger with Trail… (can't remember her name but it's the critical damage one) or another Ranger. Likewise for Shotguns, it's almost always going to be Raider + Raider. Without further ado, let's jump right in

Ranger + Ranger with 70% Headshots

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.Dragon's Breath1367.6Viper1440.1
2.Bald Eagle1098.1Monsoon1426.3
3.Tiny Instrument of Death777.0Haywire Storm1346.8
4.Judge714.1Lightning Pistol1335.0
5.Vacuum Tube Revolver691.1Whisper .451324.2

Ranger + Trailblaster with 70% Headshots

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.Dragon's Breath1417.4Monsoon1433.2
2.Bald Eagle1070.0Viper1425.5
3.Tiny Instrument of Death805.3Lightning Pistol1346.0
4.Judge695.9Haywire Storm1320.5
5.Vacuum Tube Revolver673.4Whisper .451298.4

Raider + Raider with 30% Headshots

RankWeaponDamage/ShotWeaponDamage per Second
1.The Bear1314.0Room Sweeper1463.8
2.Helium Shotgun1194.3Tigerjaw1376.7
3.Nightclaw1102.9Helium Shotgun1053.5
5.Longarm Enforcer898.5Husk Buster1027.3

It is worth noting that all these damage values are relative to each other so you can get a rough idea of how the weapons stack up against each other given different loadouts


I was actually talking to someone in Discord when this idea popped into mind and I thought it was "fun" enough so I went ahead and did it. Again, I want to point out that these are just weapons that look good on paper and isn't ranked based on in-game performance. Also if you notice, I didn't include any of the perk combinations for the weapon because again, it wasn't really meaningful to. However if any of the weapons interests you, just leave a comment below and I will reply you with the perk combination that was used in the calculations.

TL;DR Just some weapons ranked by their DMG/Shot and TDPS for fun assuming "perfect" perk combinations

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