The best thing about the new Canny

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…is never seeing that god-awful "Grasslands" biome again! A whole biome of pretty much nothing but trees and rocks with nothing cool looking, almost no metal resources, and very few Mech Parts/Nuts&Bolts that later-game traps seem to devour. And besides trees, the entire thing feels very, very empty. Amongst my friends it's pretty much THE most despised biome in the game.


…the Desert biome is pretty awesomely designed. Absolute kudos to the design team. My friends and I were worried that it'd be a big, empty "Grasslands 2.0", but it's the exact opposite. Plenty of varied resources (Especially Metal from oil rigs and buildings that Grasslands sorely lacked!) make it easy to build in. The design never really felt samey or empty, despite it being, you know, a desert!


But the best part was how "Daily Friendly" it is. My friend got 'Destroy 25 TVs' and was bummed because he figured he'd have to divert from the questline we were on to hit up city/suburbs for them. But to his surprise, between survivor shelters, various buildings, and most importantly, the Underground Bunker, he found 15 TVs in the desert on his first run!

And as we looked around, we noticed that there were tons of "Daily" staples. Propane Tanks scattered about, Teddy Bears/Gnomes cleverly hidden, even an "Industrial Power Transformer"tucked away in a power substation. You could easily complete most dailies in the Desert or Thunder Route biomes easily without having to go out of your way.

TL;DR – The new Canny Biomes are great, and the old Grasslands Biome is terrible and needs a complete redesign badly.

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