The best zones to find Malachite, Shadowshard, Silver, and other Tier-specific crafting materials in:

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - The best zones to find Malachite, Shadowshard, Silver, and other Tier-specific crafting materials in:

Hey mates, figured with the new commanders among us from the Holiday Sale (welcome!) this would be a helpful bit of info to have. Also, I still see PL 80+ commanders confused about this, so always good to clear up misinformation.

First and foremost; the ones people ask about most often:

The best zones to farm Tier 3 Crafting materieals in (Sturdy Mechanical Parts, Malachite, etc.) are PL 52 and 58 zones. This is where they are MOST COMMON.

The best zones to farm Tier 4 Crafting Materials in (Sleek Mechanical Parts, Shadowshard/Obsidian etc) are PL 88 and 94 zones. This is where they are MOST COMMON.

The best zones to farm Tier 2 Crafting materials in (Silver Ore, Simple mechanical parts, etc.) are PL 28 and 34 zones. This is where they are MOST COMMON.

Tier 5 mats are obviously best farmed in PL 100 zones, since that’s the highest we can currently go, and their highest drop rate. If for some reason you wanted to farm tier 1 mats, PL 1 and 3 zones have a 100% drop rate for Tier 1 mats specifically.

You can also TOTALLY still farm mats in lower/higher zones than these; the ones I’ve noted above are just where the balance of one tier to the next crafting materials is the most heavily weighted in favor of a specific tier material. For instance, you can absolutely farm Tier 4 mats in a 76 zone as soon as you get to Twine, you’ll just get more Tier 3 mats that way than if you farmed solely in a PL 88 zone. Now that that’s out of the way; more details below.

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So each zone only ever contains up to 2 different tiers of crafting material depending on the zone’s level. As the level of the zone increases, your chances of finding better crafting materials does as well. You’ll notice that the PL zone something becomes most common in, is a bit past where you “need” it the most. Meaning, by the time you reach PL 52 / 58 zones where malachite is most common, you should be well into using malachite weapons before then.

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Here’s what you can find in each PL Zone in the game, and the chances of any drop being either tier available:

  • Tier 1/2: PL 1 – 28
  • Tier 2/3: PL 34 – 52
  • Tier 3/4: PL 58 – 88
  • Tier 4/5: PL 94 – 100

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  • PL 1: Tier 1 mats only.
  • PL 3: Tier 1 mats only.
  • PL 5: Tier 1: Very Common. Tier 2: Very Rare.
  • PL 9: Tier 1: More Common. Tier 2: Rare.
  • PL 15: Tier 1: Common. Tier 2: Uncommon.
  • PL 19: Tier 1: Uncommon Tier 2: Common
  • PL 23: Tier 1: Rare Tier 2: More Common
  • PL 28: Tier 1: Very Rare Tier 2: Very Common
  • PL 34: Tier 2: Very Common Tier 3: Rare
  • PL 40: Tier 2: Common Tier 3: Uncommon
  • PL 46: Tier 2: Uncommon Tier 3: Common
  • PL 52: Tier 2: Rare Tier 3: Very Common
  • PL 58: Tier 3: Very Common Tier 4 Very Rare
  • PL 64: Tier 3: More Common Tier 4 More Rare
  • PL 70: Tier 3 Common Tier 4: Uncommon
  • PL 76: Tier 3 Uncommon Tier 4: Common
  • PL 82: Tier 3: More Rare Tier 4: More Common
  • PL 88: Tier 3: Very Rare Tier 4: Very Common
  • PL 94: Tier 4: Very Common Tier 5: Very Rare
  • PL 100: Tier 4: Common Tier 5: Rare

Now, just for convenience sake (and mostly the new commanders), here’s a list of mats for each tier:

Tier 1:

Copper Ore, Quartz crystal, Rusty Mechanical Parts, Stringy Twine, Rough Mineral Powder.

Tier 2:

Silver Ore, Simple Mechanical Parts, Simple Twine, Simple Mineral Powder.

Tier 3:

Malachite Ore, Sturdy Mechanical Parts, Sturdy Twine, Fine-Grain Mineral Powder.

Tier 4:

Obsidian Ore, Shadowshard Crystal, Sleek Mechanical Parts, Peaky Twine, Char-Black Mineral Powder.

Tier 5:

Brightcore Ore, Sunbeam Crystal, Efficient Mechanical Parts, Carved Twine, Oxidized Mineral Powder.

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As an aside, if you have Tier 6 mats, Spectral Twine, Vindertech Mechanical Parts, they’re just cluttering up your inventory. It’s highly recommended you throw them out. They’re common currency with traders ‘scammers’ and duplication glitch users. They have no function in game. Anywho hope this helps!

Edit: I’ve seen some confusion in the comments about tier 3 mats appearing in twine peaks. ! I’ve made a short video / gif to showcase this happening:

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