The biggest reason why I play STW

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - The biggest reason why I play STW

Is so I can farm dem v-bucks for BR skins

At least that was my intention at first when I bought STW but then I got addicted a little bit, which was quick for me since I love looting games Borderlands series, Diablo, WoW… stuff like that

What can I say.. if game bases around loot, I'm sold

but I can't help but notice, that Fortnite is the worst loot game I've ever fu*king played

FU*K YOU whales.. you are the biggest reason why soon every game is going to be like that.. pay for progression or wait fu*king weeks/months what a joke..

Not only lootboxes are the king, but weapons in them have random rolls.. got excited for new legendary? too fu*king bad, here get some worthless rolls on it 🙂

good thing that BR doesn't have lootboxes in it.. I'm getting sick of it..

and tbh i didn't mind it in TF2 and CSGO or PUBG but the thing with these games is that lootboxes aren't tied to progression, which you cannot fu*king deny, that this takes place in Fortnite.. PC market turned into mobile..


I'm PL32 and I'm already bored AF.. even if I get new weapon I can't be sure if it's the good one i have to either ask on forums or waste precious XP, training manuals and mats that are hard to come by.. In Borderlands I can just fu*king equip my new weapon and see if I like it

I yet have to find a gun which tops my Dragn's roar which I got at D1.. you know how boring it is to use one weapon for so long in a looting game? and it's not like my DR has god tier stats

and yesterday someone on DC has told me that this game is not about guns or loot.. it's about F.O.R.T.. WTF? how delusional you people can be?

I'm not sure why people are OK with it.. is it their first loot game and they don't know any better? one argument i hear a lot is that this game has weekly rotation at the loot store page, and free 50-80ish vbucks a day..

so what? I don't have to wait week/month in borderlands to have a chance for new weapon that is actually useful..

Fortnite has made me wanna play Borderlands 2 yet again.. 6 years old game, still peaks at 10k players daily.. costs like $7 for the complete pack

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